in spades

Idiom Definition

"in spades"

an adjective used to describe abundance or certainty

Idiom Definition - in spades


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in spades

Two businesspeople are talking ...

Businessman:  Do you think our new product will sell well?

Businesswoman:  Is the advertising campaign good?

Businessman: Absolutely!

Businesswoman:  Does the product have good features?

Businessman:  It has great features, in spades.

Businesswoman:  Then don't worry.  The product will sell.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in spades

A son is planning a trip home to see his mother after working abroad for three years ...

Son:  I'll be home next week.

Mother:  Do you still drink diet cola?

Son: In spades!

Mother:  I'll buy three cases, then.

in spades - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,404   click for frequency by country

in spades - Gerund Form:

Having hope in spades means that you are eternally optimistic.

in spades - Examples:

1)  I read somewhere we create our own reality where whatever we put out comes back in spades.

2)  What Rich gave all those kids comes back to him in spades when they rally to protect his job.

3)  Building a clean and cheaper alternative to coal power will pay off in spades later.

4)  Therefore, stay your traditional course and watch life pay you back in spades.

5)  She's rude, crude, and unrefined, in spades.

6)  Their talent for wine making and vineyard management have shown up in spades with their MollyDooker wines.

7)  But ugly is forever, and Metro has it in spades.

8)  She's got confidence in spades.

9)  After all, it has in spades everything that made America's economy so great.

10)  That's true in spades for unmanned aircraft combat operations.

11)  Obama' has put a focus on green energy because it will pay off in spades in the future.

12)  However, what he lacks in scope he makes up for in spades when it comes to his relevancy to most Christians.

13)  They fit the mold in spades.

14)  Privatisation would bring the same dangers, but faster and in spades.

15)  But you guys pulled it off in spades and made it look easy.

16)  And yet, basically what we got, in spades, was sentiment.

17)  And do you know whose fault it is in spades?

18)  To have something in spades means to have it by the shovelful.

19)  Americans remain concerned about jobs, and natural gas and pipeline development supply them in spades.

20)  My determination paid off in spades and changed my life.