in the course of time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - in the course of time

"in the course of time"

something will happen at a normal, expected or suitable time in the future


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in the course of time

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  That was an exciting announcement. I wonder when our new offices in Hawaii will open.

Colleague 2In the course of time. There is a lot of preparation work and planning to be done first.

Colleague 1:  I suppose that I shouldn't pack my bags quite yet, huh?

Colleague 2:  It could be quite some time before the office actually opens.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in the course of time

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  When do you suppose we will buy our new home?

Husband:  We need to save some more money first and wait for the real estate market to improve. Then we can think about a new house.

Wife:  But we are going to move eventually, right?

Husband:  Yes. In the course of time.

in the course of time - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   578   click for frequency by country

in the course of time - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for in the course of time.

in the course of time - Examples:

1)  It is not too fanciful to imagine that these distortions will in the coure of time pose serious dangers to the stability of the financial system.

2)  The couple are planning a Grand Opening and details will be announced in the coure of time.

3)  ... said that investigation had commenced into the seizure and details shall be provided in the coure of time.

4)  The agency pledged that findings from the investigation would be provided in the coure of time.

5)  An announcement would be made in the coure of time, the spokeswoman said.

6)  ... date for distribution of observer kits in the state will be communicated to them in the coure of time

7)  ... confirm that we have received information from a national newspaper which will be assessed in the coure of time

8)  Details of the shows will be released in the coure of time but needless to say they will all be a knock out!

9)  I am fully confident that in the coure of time my position and non-involvement in these matters will be clarified and independently verified.

10)  We appreciate that graduates who go on to earn higher incomes will in the coure of time contribute a share of these gains to the next generation.

11)  ... which we have found out in the coure of time down the track, not at the time. 

12)  ... which we will share with you in the coure of time of time as and when we are ready.

13)  ... that it will conduct sweeping exercises through its market surveillance activities in the coure of time to ensure that the product is removed from the market.

14)  Moreover, cars, planes automobile will in the coure of time be powered by other energies.

15)  Successful applicants will be notified and provided with further information in the coure of time.

16)  There is new blood in the party room thank goodness, and in the coure of time that could provide them with options.

17)  Next-of kin have been informed and a postmortem examination will be held in the coure of time.

18)  What it will do is make it easier for us to launch new products in the coure of time, to broaden our business and diversify where it makes sense to do so.

19)  ... these powerful factors will go a long way in matters of healing the wounds in the coure of time.

20)  ... may be subject to explicit criticism by the inquiry in the coure of time.