(to be) in the driver's seat

Idiom Definition

"to be in the driver's seat"

to be in control of a situation

Idiom Definition - to be in the driver's seat


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be in the driver's seat

Two businessmen are talking before an important meeting with a client.  The two men are going to make a big presentation in the hopes of the client signing a big contract.  As the two businessmen are discussing their strategy, they both decide that only one of them should ...

be in the driver's seat.

The other man will assist but will allow the leader to be in control of the presentation.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be in the driver's seat

Karen and Jane are talking about Karen's recent promotion at work ...

Jane:  Congratulations on your promotion!

Karen:  Thanks.  I have been working there for over ten years and I have had a lot of ideas I wanted to try to make the business more efficient.  The only problem was that my supervisor was not interested in my ideas.

Jane:  Well,  you're in the driver's seat now.  You have the power to try your ideas.

Karen:  I guess you are right.  I do have the control now.  I am the boss!

to be in the driver's seat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   816   click for frequency by country

to be in the driver's seat - Gerund Form:

Being in the driver's seat can cause you to be responsible for the situation.

to be in the driver's seat - Examples:

1)  I am in the driver's seat when I am in control of a situation.

2)  You are in the driver's seat when you are the boss.

3)  He is in the driver's seat when he has the power.

4)  She is in the driver's seat when no one else wants to be the leader.

5)  Company A is in the driver's seat after developing an innovative product that no other company is selling.

6)  We are in the driver's seat when other people follow our lead.

7)  You (all) are in the driver's seat when you (all) are the teachers.

8)  They are in the driver's seat when they are presidents of companies.

9)  Sports Team Q was in the driver's seat yesterday when it beat the other team 10-0.

10)  Had he been in the driver's seat for most of the meeting until the boss arrived?

11)  Here's a distinction that might help us get back in the driver 's seat: Publishing is social, but writing is personal.

12)  It's too bad because the Lakers were in the driver 's seat most of the night.

13)  You are in the driver 's seat. Make no mistake of that. No matter what the mainstream media says.

14)  If we are truly going to let Jesus be in the driver 's seat, we need to move over and hang on for the ride.

15)  They believe they're in the driver 's seat permanently. # That's the source of their unbridled glee in 2012.

16)  I do not believe the left is permanently in the driver 's seat. The failures of their ideology will catch up with them.

17)  Howard Figler's classic job-search handbook puts you in the driver 's seat.

18)  Their surprising success has put the African Union in the driver 's seat of an intensifying international effort to wipe out the Shabab.

19)  Board members are in the driver 's seat when it comes to approving organizational plans.

20)  But realizing you aren't always in the driver 's seat doesn't necessarily mean you have to believe in God.