(to be) in the pink

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - in the pink

"(to be) in the pink"

to be healthy


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in the pink

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Good to see you. I heard that you hadn't been well for quite some time.

Friend 2:  I was quite sick for months.  It was some sort of viral infection but I am in perfect health now and happy to be back to "normal" life.

Friend 1:  Glad to see that you are in the pink.

Friend 2:  Thanks.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in the pink

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1:  I really thought we would lose our business.

Partner 2:  Yes, the downturn in the economy almost closed our doors.

Partner 1:  Good that business has turned around and we are now in a position to reinvest some profit back into the business.

Partner 2:  We could think about expansion now that we are back in the pink.

(to be) in the pink - Usage:


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(to be) in the pink - Gerund Form:

Being in the pink requires making healthy lifestyle choices.

(to be) in the pink - Examples:

1)  ... such as dancing, gardening, walking or stretching, will keep you in the pink for as long as you live. So get off that couch and get ...

2)  ... were unwell, but pleased to know that you are back to feeling in the pink

3)  ... then takes action as well as become better educated and thus keep you in the pink of health.

4)  Annual wellness checks help keep pets in the pink.

5)  Tonight he's in the pink; but soon he'll die.

6)  ... of the survivors just to compete in the market and keep their ratings in the pink.

7)  Financial Crisis with almost all of India's private and govt owned banks in the pink of health.

8)  Ellie Goulding is in the pink as she launches her latest album Halcyon.

9)  ... for Safety and Health, Roisin Woolnough reports on how you can stay in the pink at work.

10)  City and Farmington hoping to be in the pink for this weekend's Henson Scottish Cup final.

11)  She'll wake at five feeling in the pink, ...

12)  Be happy love, be satisfied, I left you in the pink.

13)  ... who were representative of the Aussie paradigm that pedaled outdoorsy, shiny-eyed girls in the pink of sun-kissed good health.

14)  We're all hale and hearty and in the pink, so everything's right.

15)  5 years ago I was in the pink of health but took up smoking.

16)  At a time when Europe is not exactly in the pink of health, Indian IT companies are seeing opportunities in that region.

17)  Although Oil companies are not in the pink of their health.

18)  Indian mothers, would-be mothers and children are in the pink of health.

19)  At the Chinaman's shop next door he bought a pineapple in the pink of condition.

20)  ... why supplements are popular among people who like to ensure that they stay in the pink of health.