in this day and age

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - in this day and age

"in this day and age"


in modern times


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - in this day and age

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  When is the group leaving for Japan?

Colleague 2:  We won't be traveling.

Colleague 1:  Why not?

Colleague 2In this day and age, travel is not necessary. We will simply use video-conferencing technology and save the company a lot of money.

Colleague 1:  I suppose that is the modern way.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - in this day and age

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  What in the heck is that device George is using?

Student 2:  It is an abacus.

Student 1In this day and age? I thought those devices were ancient.

Student 2:  They are ancient and even though you can buy an electronic calculator for a dollar, George prefers an abacus.

in this day and age - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,493   click for frequency by country

in this day and age - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for in this day and age.

in this day and age - Examples:

1)  Barcodes are almost totally ubiquitous in this day and age.

2)  Polling has become harder to do. Getting representative samples in this day and age of increased mobility and smartphone usage is harder than one where people stayed in the ...

3)  I understand everyone wants to be connected through their phone in this day and age, but one hour should not be too much to ask.

4)  The strength of a business's online presence in this day and age is becoming increasingly imperative as many consumers now turn to the internet to research the ...

5)  ... music charts and hardly made any radio airplay because, apparently in this day and age, a band composed of 50-year-old musicians is not really worth listening to.

6)  ... anyone being cold in the winter. My daughter says, in this day and age, there is no reason for that. 

7)  In this day and age, the choice of a six-speed automatic is outmoded and middling fuel-efficiency numbers highlight this ...

8)  In this day and age the process of political campaigning is very destructive.

9)  Who needs to look at a statue of Adolf Hitler in this day and age in Germany? 

10)  In this day and age, it's essential that we know what our children are discussing on their devices.

11)  Reaching 100 years in this day and age is certainly no mean feat.

12)  ... systems you can not operate without having really strong integration. In this day and age it's not practical or feasible to manage data in Excel spreadsheets.

13)  ... up their security, and that's not hard to do in this day and age, we've got a lot of technology to help us. 

14)  Building two new coal plants in this day and age is not only environmentally wrong, but financially wrong.

15)  Strange though it sounds in this day and age, there are many of us who actually prefer to configure things ourselves.

16)  Games never sell out, because it's literally impossible in this day and age for them to sell out. Can't get a physical copy?

17)  ... are far more articulate in this day and age than they were in the sixties and seventies.

18)  I've also found that, in this day and age, a lot of films out there are so violent and have messages ...

19)  ... the multiple resources at their disposal, is to be expected in this day and age.

20)  In this day and age, you can't have enough information about people coming into your lives.