it is high time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - it is high time

"it is high time"

the latest possible time;

a time that is almost too late


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - it is high time

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How old is the boss now, eighty?

Colleague 2:  He turns eighty-three next month.

Colleague 1:  I would say that it is high time he retired.

Colleague 2:  I agree. He should have packed it in years ago.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - it is high time

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  City council has finally decided to clean up that abandoned district at the edge of the city.

Friend 2It's high time.

Friend 1:  It should have been done long ago. There has been nothing but drug dealers and crime there for years.

it is high time - Usage:


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it is high time - Gerund Form:

Being high time to cut the grass, the grass was almost too tall for the lawnmower to manage.

it is high time - Examples:

1)  ... that a policeman inspecting Zakir Naik has turned into a terrorist. High time, Indian Government bans Naik.

2)  First of all, it's high time to have a regulation law or ILP without any further delay.

3)  That will be the end of Katunayake Airport. So it is high time this runway is renovated.

4)  Since 1977 that has not been reformed or upgraded and I think it is high time.

5)  Now you see, it's high time our farmers take a good look at the high-yielding inbred rice varieties.

6)  The police said it is high time the government formed a dedicated police force to handle cyber crime.

7)  ... we keep getting these stories of unaccounted for funds. It is high time parliament begun demanding accountability mechanisms for new levies like these.

8)  Hunt has laid into the organisation in a hard-hitting interview, insisting that it's high time his fellow athletes unionised in order to protect their rights.

9)  I am tired of nursing this pain in my heart. I think it is high time I poured it out.

10)  Rickshaws have been in Ireland for several years now, and it is high time that we have legislation in place to regulate them.

11)  People have been writing about us, it is high time we write about ourselves. We have stories to tell.

12)  But the alarm bell has started ringing in the past few decades. It is high time that we accepted this fact and tried to crack down on the reasons.

13)  ... Muslim or Christian, we are human beings first. She further said it is high time to show tolerance and respect for each other.

14)  ... that banks had always engaged in "arms-chair lazy banking" and that it was high time they started to operate as "real" banks.

15)  She said it was high time, people looked beyond personalities and party affiliations and vote for competent and focused ...

16)  It's high time to put an end to this farce that has dragged on for too long.

17)  ... enough to send a serious message to reckless drivers and bus owners. It is high time we came up with something more serious to deal with this problem.

18)  I realised that while there is no end to learning, and it was high time I found a way to apply my knowledge.

19)  It's high time animal cruelty became a thing of the past.

20)  Two years have passed and it's high time the wheels of justice started turning.