it's early days

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - it's early days

"it's early days"

it is too soon to make a judgment about the outcome of a situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - it's early days

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How is the new product doing? Are sales going to be as good as we had hoped?

Colleague 2: It's early days yet.

Colleague 1: So you are not able to predict the success of the new product yet?

Colleague 2: Although sales are looking good, the data is still too inconclusive at this point.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - it's early days

Two volunteers are talking ...

Volunteer 1: Are we going to reach our fundraising goal?

Volunteer 2: We are only on Day 2 of our fourteen day campaign. It's early days.

Volunteer 1: But are we on track to reaching our goal?

Volunteer 2: Donations are low at this point but often people wait until near the end of a drive to make a contribution. So, we really can't make predictions right now.

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it's early days - Usage:


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it's early days - Gerund Form:

Being early days, it is too soon to be able to predict the success of the product launch.

it's early days - Examples:

1)  I don't really want to get into details since it's early days yet, but it's fun and definitely a learning experience.

2)  It's early days but I think everything seems to be coming along quite nicely.

3)  The album was only released a few months ago so it's early days to see if it has been a success or not but I hope so.

4)  ... it's a real tale of hope for others. I know it's early days, but well done! 

5)  We're undergoing fairly healthy growth, but we know that it's early days... It will probably take a few years for the full impact to be ...

6)  She is a wonderful girl -- it's early days but we're obviously heading in the right direction.

7)  I've lost more pounds than I expected, but as it's early days I can't yet claim that this is more than the water weight ...

8)  My school has been great and I feel as though even though it's early days I'm making progress. 

9)  Although it's early days, the campaign is starting to have an impact.

10)  They just squabble over who gets to cuddle him usually. But it's early days. I think newborn babies maybe lull you into a false sense of security.

11)  The ending manages to be optimistic without being over-sentimental. It's early days, but this may well be one of my favourite reads of ... 

12)  It's early days yet but the initial press coverage of Drawbridge has been glowing. 

13)  If you want to sign, it's right here. It's early days yet, so it has only about 2,000 signatories so far.

14)  That's a lot of maybes. But, it's early days for the company and it's only just raised an A-round of capital.

15)  Why be churlish and say 'it's early days?' It's a fantastic start already. 

16)  A spokesman for the French energy company vowed at the time: "It's early days but it will happen."

17)  ... future (something that I've already started work on actually, though it's early days) and then maybe even a feature film after that.

18)  It's early days for Dota 2, but it already looks like it's on the way ...

19)  It's early days, but in the future we hope to develop this technique to allow some ...

20)  ... but I can't seem to find any! I know it's early days because I haven't been offered a job yet, but I don't ...