to jack up the price

Idiom Definition

"to jack up the price"

to raise the price of an item that is offered for sale

Idiom Definition - to jack up the price


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to jack up the price

Bill is the owner of a used car business.  One day, Bill sees a man, who appears to be young and naive, enter his car lot.  The young man is showing an interest in a fancy sports car.  Bill thinks that the young man is eager to buy the fancy sports car and that the young man really doesn't know much about used cars.  As a result, Bill decides to ...

jack up the price.

By raising the price, Bill hopes to make more money on the sale.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to jack up the price

In a certain small town, there were two grocery stores.  Having two grocery stores meant that there was competition and that prices remained low.  Recently, one of the grocery stores went out of business.  As a result, the remaining grocery store was able to ...

jack up the prices ...

because there was no longer any competition.  If people wanted to have food to eat, then they would have to pay the higher prices.

to jack up the price - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   89   click for frequency by country

to jack up the price - Gerund Form:

Jacking up the price according to circumstance can be considered good business.

to jack up the price - Examples:

1)  I jack up the price when I want to make more money.

2)  You jack up the price according to circumstance.

3)  He jacks up the price when his supplier raises his price.

4)  She jacks up the price when she wants to expand her business.

5)  Video Game Company R always jacks up the price of a new release game.

6)  We jack up the price when the demand for the product is high.

7)  You (all) jack up the price when you (all) have a monopoly.

8)  They jack up the price when the product is brand new on the market.

9) They're resellers, so they need to jack up the price a bit. 

10)  Short reports can be sold for 5-10 dollars apiece, but you can jack up the price depending on the usefulness of the report.

11) Let me be the first one to let you know we've decided to jack up the price by 40%. 

12)  In order to make it profitable, they would have to jack up the price on seats.

13)  Those conveniences helped jack up the price of my flat when I sold it. 

14)  In any case the only reason smartphones are so expensive is because cell companies jack up the price so that people are less inclined to buy it outright.

15) The Fed must pump unprecedented amounts of dollars into the system and this jacks up the price of oil and therefore gasoline. 

16)  Anything in Africa or especially South America jacks up the price.

17) We were given the exclusive rights to produce this previously readily available gas, and they jacked up the price by about 10,000%. 

18)  In Europe, irate phone fans turned on LG, which is reported to have jacked up the price in countries that do not have access to Google Play.

19)  e jacked up the price of the series simply because he could.

20)  Incidence of diabetes is rising so the government jacked up the price of bread.