to jockey for position

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - jockey for position

"to jockey for position"

to try to push or maneuver your way into an advantageous position (literal or figurative), at the expense of others


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - jockey for position

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Everybody around the office seems to be trying to make everyone else look bad as they jockey for position to get the promotion which has just become available.

Colleague 2: I am not really interested in those sorts of games. I like to think that my work and track record are successful enough. I would like to be recognized for my work abilities rather than my ability to manipulate situations.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - jockey for position

Two friends are talking as they watch a horse race ...

Friend 1: Why are the riders changing their horses' place on the track so much?

Friend 2: It is called jockeying for position. The jockeys believe that there are favorable positions which give them a better chance of winning.

Friend 1: Seems like a lot of maneuvering for nothing.

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to jockey for position - Usage:


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to jockey for position - Gerund Form:

Jockeying for position, she was sure to always be the best dressed employee in hopes of attracting management's attention.

to jockey for position - Examples:

1)  The buzz around the potential jackpot has prospectors jockeying for position as everyone lines up to stake their claim in this modern-day gold rush.

2)  ... major players -- telecoms, credit card companies, banks and others -- are already jockeying for position and for the big prizes of revenue and access to customer information.

3)  ... to deal with all the drama of driving in a mass of cars and trucks jockeying for position

4)  There, a few key players are jockeying for position in a race that promises to make them wealthy in the way that ...

5)  Only in the past two days have senior figures begun publicly taking part in the jockeying for position in a post-Mubarak Egypt, and they have done so as unobtrusively.

6)  ... and argues that, after years of jockeying for position, they were 'approximating towards an equilibrium'.

7)  ... are playing together. Doing boy stuff. Boasting. Telling each other off. Jockeying for position. Throwing their weight around.

8)  The U.S. case is one of some 50 lawsuits among myriad telecommunications companies jockeying for position in the burgeoning $219 billion market for smartphones and computer tablets. 

9)  Now that the Prime Minister has been elected there will be a lot of jockeying for position to get the key posts in his administration. 

10)  ... but he comes across as an intensely ambitious man, whose jockeying for position has sometimes incurred enmity, and whose social climbing prompts him ...

11)  Rough Trade also developed a new kind of record distribution. Rather than jockeying for position in Woolworths, it bought stock wholesale from similar indie labels and ensured ...

12)  With the factions inside the Party jockeying for position, and little agreement on a broad range of issues ...

13)  ... planning' was very much a myth: what in reality occurred was a continual jockeying for position between different interest groups, each using political influence to get its way.

14)  ... who have been trained to be manipulative and duplicitous it can make for some interesting jockeying for position within the organization itself.

15)  ... merits of living in supportive egalitarian community where well-being is distributed rather than each person jockeying for position with the feudal overlords.

16)  Billion dollar mergers or acquisitions are commonplace as large companies jockey for position.

17)  My ears are ringing with the screech of lorikeets and rosellas as they jockey for position in our trees.

18)  ... sprint races cyclists pedal very slowly in the early stages of the race as they jockey for position

19)  There will inevitably be one or two people who love to jockey for position, love to spread rumors, and want to get ahead by spreading ...

20)  But the next time you start to jockey for position to get the last donut, think of your options.