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Idiom Definition - Johnny-come-lately


a brash newcomer, novice, or recruit;

a late arrival or participant


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - Johnny-come-lately

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I seem to be having some trouble having the staff get on-board with some of my management ideas.

Colleague 2: Well, you have only been on the job for less than a month and the staff really don't know you or your style. They may wonder if you really have the credentials for the job.

Colleague 1: I suppose that some people would see me as a Johnny-come-lately with no right to make such radical sweeping changes.

Colleague 2: And especially as you are following a manager who had been in the position for more than twenty years.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - Johnny-come-lately

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: What do you think of this new candidate for the Mayor's election race?

Friend 2: It is hard to say. He got his nomination in the day before the deadline. There has been nothing in the media about this Johnny-come-lately.

Friend 1: That is what I thought. I have never heard of the guy. I imagine his chances of success are pretty small, being so late to the race and all.

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Johnny-come-lately - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   162   click for frequency by country

Johnny-come-lately - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for Johnny-come-lately.

Johnny-come-lately - Examples:

1)  How could I let this Johnny-come-lately abolish the slate and derail the lives of the men and women I'd grown ...

2)  ... on every passenger and cargo ship ever built in the history of seafaring. This Johnny-come-lately Plimsol fellow is just trying to take the credit for what all worthy owners have ...

3)  ... detection established in India more than two thousand years ago -- long before that Johnny-come-lately' Sherlock Holmes donned his Deerstalker.

4)  iPad mini: The follower, not the leader. Is Apple's Johnny-come-lately iPad mini release a case of the tech giant taking its eye off the ball ...

5)  ... been around in Beta form for some time. However, I am rather a Johnny-come-lately to them.

6)  Should he move in, take your time and find the space to enlighten this Johnny-come-lately so that from the start he knows his place.

7)  What's the secret of this johnny-come-lately's success?

8)  ... other people's views, has great attention to detail. He's not some Johnny-come-lately to the arts either.

9)  ... functionaries he attempted to ingratiate himself with saw him for precisely the kind of opportunist Johnny-come-lately that he was).

10)  Condemned as a politically-correct, naive, agenda-chasing, publicity-seeking, bandwagon-jumping, johnny-come-lately with no knowledge of the sport he criticises.

11)  ... only person to have held all four great offices of state. He was no Johnny-come-lately, and it's doubtful there was anyone else better qualified at the time to ...

12)  I have done my homework. I'm not a Johnny-come-lately, trying to get elected, that insults me.

13)  The Germans are only Johnny-come-latelies to this whole "debt break" idea, theirs isn't even fully developed.

14)  ... have the decks so stacked in their favor that they win and the Johnny-Come-Lately copycats (this means you) lose.

15)  Anyone who by now has not decided to run for Governor is a Johnny-come-lately and probably bad for our County.

16)  Microsoft and Apple were pioneers in the computer software industry. However, Johnny-come-lately will only feed on the morsels left from the main table.

17)  From this history, it is clearly evident that Judaism is a Johnny-come-lately religion. It has absolutely no rightful claim to a Biblical origin. 

18)  ... old country with a long history of civilization and a matured polity unlike some 'Johnny-come-lately' countries with hardly 500 years of history.

19)  Entering the workplace as a johnny-come-lately has meant that I've had to work my way up the hierarchy from ground.

20)  Those are my bona fides, and I do not want a johnny-come-lately who has been here 5 minutes.