to jump on the bandwagon

Idiom Definition

"to jump on the bandwagon"

to become involved with or support an activity or cause that has recently become popular (usually for some personal gain or advantage)

Idiom Definition - to jump on the bandwagon


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to jump on the bandwagon

Some years ago, there was a form of exercise that was becoming popular.  It was called Pilates.  All my friends decided to try out this new form of exercise.  I thought that I would try it, too.  I thought it would be an easy way to stay in shape so ...

I jumped on the bandwagon and gave it a try.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to jump on the bandwagon

Elizabeth likes to dress well.  She is always following the latest fashion trends.  Lately, Elizabeth has noticed that crocheted clothing is becoming the latest popular fashion.

Elizabeth will jump on the bandwagon tomorrow and buy a crocheted dress.

to jump on the bandwagon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,101   click for frequency by country

to jump on the bandwagon - Gerund Form:

Jumping on the bandwagon can mean that you will support a worthy cause.

to jump on the bandwagon - Examples:

1)  I jump on the bandwagon when I start a new popular activity.

2)  You jump on the bandwagon when all your friends begin eating at a new popular restaurant.

3)  He jumps on the bandwagon when he joins a new popular cause.

4)  She jumps on the bandwagon when a new fashion trend becomes popular.

5)  The school administration jumps on the good nutrition bandwagon when it implements a new healthy eating policy in schools.

6)  We jump on the bandwagon when we begin to cheer for a different sports team that is becoming popular.

7)  You (all) jump on the bandwagon by donating to the latest popular charity.

8)  They jump on the bandwagon when they start watching a new program that has a high rating.

9)  How do you know when to jump on the bandwagon and when to stick with what you have?

10)  I'm thrilled when my competitors jump on the bandwagon and help me spread the word!

11)  I am certainly not going to jump on the bandwagon of trashing teachers.

12)  I surmise NH will now be the last State as usual to jump on the bandwagon, if they jump on it at all!

13)  People should make up their own minds and not jump on the bandwagon so often.

14)  Funding is nice, so everyone in sight jumps on the bandwagon. Now a bandwagon is not necessarily a bad thing.

15)  It's because PHP is a trend. So everybody jumps on the bandwagon.

16)  What really amplifies the example is that so many other scientists jumped on the bandwagon and eagerly shared Blondlot's delusion.

17)  As social media has become increasingly pervasive, many site owners have jumped on the bandwagon and starting blogging their hearts out.

18)  I imagine any number of causes/fruitcakes have jumped on the bandwagon.

19)  The result was that thousands upon thousands of people jumped on the bandwagon.

20)  Some public elementary and high schools have jumped on the bandwagon too, collecting fees for extracurricular activities and lab or course activities.