kangaroo court

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - kangaroo court

"kangaroo court"

a court or staged trial set up outside the regular legal system where the outcome, usually guilty, is determined before the procedure begins


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - kangaroo court

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Am I being accused of something here? I thought we were having a staff meeting?

Colleague 2: Well, there was a catastrophic error with the program and you were the last one to work on it.

Colleague 1: Have you got proof of that?

Colleague 2: No, it just makes sense that you are to blame.

Colleague 1: There have been a lot of people working on that code.

Colleague 2: But, still, you have been known to make errors in the past.

Colleague 1: This is starting to sound a lot like a kangaroo court. I see that everyone's minds are already made up that I am guilty. I refuse to participate any further. You can talk to my lawyer.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - kangaroo court

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How did you do in court? Were you able to get the speeding ticket dismissed due to technical errors?

Friend 2: The judge wouldn't even hear my arguments or see my evidence. He had already decided the case before I even got to the courtroom. It was nothing but a kangaroo court.

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kangaroo court - Usage:


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kangaroo court - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for kangaroo court.

kangaroo court - Examples:

1)  ... Guantanamo either. So I'd like to create an international tribunal, not a kangaroo court of military commissions. And let's go back through the evidence.

2)  It's time for the NHL to stop acting like a kangaroo court when it comes to discipline.

3)  ... he notes, have tried to suggest that the US is running a "kangaroo court" due to the lack of protection and habeus corpus. 

4)  ... current process has led to the release of over thirty enemy combatants. Does a kangaroo court do that? He thinks not.

5)  ... convicted, there isn't even any right to an appeal. It's a kangaroo court in every sense of the word.

6)  The first is that this tribunal is a Kangaroo Court. That it represents only one point of view. 

7)  Canada is not (yet) a country where people accept 'kangaroo court' justice.

8)  ... their families' homes at 2 a.m. by Taliban fighters and then put before a kangaroo court before being executed for adultery. 

9)  The commission is not the kangaroo court its detractors would like everyone to think it is.

10)  ... was a child solider, his access to due process was violated (torture, kangaroo court, etc.) and he is innocent.

11)  ... and even made up their own unique and separate kangaroo court system to enforce that version of international law, unfettered by international conventions.

12)  ... police underground, put all members of high society and other dissidents through a Kangaroo Court, and threaten to detonate a nuke if anyone tries to interfere. 

13)  Not only that homeowners who go through this kangaroo court nearly always get a gag order so that they can't warn others about ...

14)  ... illegal wire tapping, unlawful detentions and incarceration, arrests without probable cause, kangaroo court trials, arbitrary prison sentences, torture and disappearances.

15)  Burgar loses most of these cases, but not all. "It's a kangaroo court," he said matter-of-factly. "They seem to change the rules on ...

16)  ... the case of the people against central bankers non-existent, even if conducted in a kangaroo court co-opted by the banker-controlled status quo, it becomes laughable with every iteration of ...

17)  ... on war crimes and we will incarcerate and torture you, prosecute you in a kangaroo court, and put you away for life. 

18)  ... USADA is, in my opinion, a Kangaroo court that has reached a conclusion they can not prove, and are hell bent ...

19)  ... and give them the chance of a fair trial instead of a kangaroo court.

20)  ... illegal and unruly execution of a former U.S. ally after his conviction in a kangaroo court blurred the line between terrorist and terrorized.