to keep it under your hat

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - keep it under your hat

"to keep it under your hat"

to keep something secret


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - keep it under your hat

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Are you preparing your presentation to the board?

Colleague 2:  I am just putting the finishing touches on it.

Colleague 1:  I've just learned some secret information that could change the future of the company and, therefore, the nature of your presentation.

Colleague 2:  Please tell me.

Colleague 1:  You must assure me that you will not mention this to anyone.  This information is highly confidential.

Colleague 2:  Of course I will keep it under my hat.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - keep it under your hat

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Are we going to go ahead with the surprise going-away party for Albert?

Colleague 2:  Absolutely! We need to get everyone in the office involved.

Colleague 1:  Let's be very careful to remind everyone to keep the plans under their hats so that we don't ruin the surprise.

Sunday Fun Idiom

"to keep it under your hat"

Sunday Fun Idiom - keep it under your hat

to keep it under your hat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   42   click for frequency by country

to keep it under your hat - Gerund Form:

Keeping your husband's surprise fortieth birthday party under your hat can be a difficult secret to keep.

to keep it under your hat - Examples:

1)  ... a promotion, but it's not official yet, so keep it under your hat.

2)  ... leave a comment off the top of your head rather than keep it under your hat.

3)  Not keeping it under his hat: This New Yorker hands out leaflets warning of the coming apocalypse while ...

4)  ... wanted to compliment her figure, but somehow I managed to keep that under my hat and talk shop -- who knows

5)  ... know the result before writing the recap - but I'll keep it under my hat until we get to the end, just in case you don't.

6)  I'll keep it under my hat and use it for the' Might come in handy someday ...

7)  And keep this under your hat -- I'm not supposed to divulge current ops: We're going to link ...

8)  I've learned it can be best to keep things under your hat until you're ready.

9)  ... intending on doing something more with those but I'm keeping that under my hat for the time being.

10)  Its name is so cool I'm keeping it under my hat until I get a nod from my publisher. It is such a secret that ...

11)  ... and so he has to keep it under his hat. A man has to put up a brave front.

12)  Mr. Smith knew who was going to get promoted to be the new director of finance at the bank but he kept it under his hat until a formal announcement was made by the board.

13) Don't keep it under your hat.  Tell all! 

14)  When we go out to field, go into the England dressing rooms. Just nip in the back door and take one of my bats - but keep the whole thing under your hat.

15)  His secret liaisons have nothing to do with anyone else. I suggest you keep this information under your hat.

16)  I’m not sure I should reveal to you what I haven’t revealed to my editor or agent, but the math novel is growing on both ends, and it might turn out to be a trilogy. Keep that under your hat, okay?

17)  The Starlipers even watched the filming of a new TV series. Becca is going to keep details of that under her hat.

18)  As Haj moved through layers of interviews and selections, he had to keep the search under his hat. The eventual announcement came as ...

19)  "We talk to a number of companies on any given day and we like to keep those under our hat,” said E. Rod Davisson, the director of economic ...

20)  Keep this under your hat. Donald Trump has new book coming out. It's called the "Art of the Comb-over."