to keep someone (or something) in the dark

Idiom Definition

"to keep someone (or something) in the dark"

to purposefully not tell something to someone (or something)

Idiom Definition - to keep someone the dark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to keep someone the dark

Pamela and Elizabeth are talking about Pamela's husband, Henry. Henry recently left his family. Pamela and Elizabeth are discussing how this event might affect Pamela's son, Aaron ...

Elizabeth:  Have you told Aaron why his father left?

Pamela:  No.  I hope that I can protect him from the truth a little longer. When Aaron asks, I have been telling him that his Daddy is on a holiday.

Elizabeth:  Do you think that Aaron is a little young to understand the truth?

Pamela:  Yes.  Aaron is such a sweet innocent child.  I just want to keep him in the dark a little longer.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to keep someone the dark

The manager and assistant manager of a bank are talking about a recent problem the bank has been having.  It seems as if the bank has made some very bad investments that had lost a great deal of money.  The future of the bank is unknown.  All of the bank's customers may lose their money.  If the bank can maintain its current assets for a couple of months, everything will be OK. 

The manager and assistant manager are worried that if they tell the bank's customers of the financial situation of the bank,  the customers will take all their money from the bank.  If the customers withdraw all their money, the bank would fail for sure.


Do you think that the managers of the bank should keep the bank's customers in the dark

to keep someone (or something) in the dark - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,034   click for frequency by country

to keep someone (or something) in the dark - Gerund Form:

Keeping your loved ones in the dark can cause some serious trouble when the truth comes to light.

to keep someone (or something) in the dark - Examples:

1)  I keep my friends in the dark when I do not want them to know I am sick.

2)  You keep your boss in the dark when you are working on a new idea that you are worried the boss will steal it.

3)  He keeps his wife in the dark when he is having trouble at work.

4)  She keeps her husband in the dark about how much money she spends on her credit cards.

5)  The government keeps us in the dark about possible terrorist threats.

6)  We keep the opposing team in the dark about our best plays.

7)  You (all) b when your term paper is incomplete.

8)  They keep everyone in the dark about their true purpose when they think that revealing their purpose will cause trouble.

9) They're trying to keep us in the dark about the dangers. 

10) The children's mental health team have been quite happy to keep us in the dark over what help and support that we can expect for our daughter. 

11)  Who are the culprits that want to keep us in the dark concerning GMOs? Can you say Monsanto?

12)  They want to keep us in the dark and deceive us that we are enemies to one another.

13) The best way to deal with that is to keep them in the dark about things they believe would create conflict. 

14)  It's better to let your kids know things then to keep them in the dark

15)  They keep you in the dark. They know everything about you. You only know what they choose to tell you.

16)  The corporations desperate to keep you in the dark about GMOS have tried nearly every trick in the book.

17)  Don't let life's distractions continue to keep you in the dark. Isn't it time you started to understand you?

18)  No pain here, not like some other sites that keep you in the dark about what's truly happening to your money until it's too late.

19)  For most the whole first season, the writers successfully kept us in the dark about the truth. 

20)  The Commissioners have kept us in the dark, however, as to their rationale for this finding.