to keep your cool

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - keep your cool

"to keep your cool"

to remain calm and sensible despite being in difficult or dangerous situations


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - keep your cool

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The manager has been doing very well since he started but everything has been running smoothly. This is the first time that he has had to handle a competitor's attack as well as production problems. It is fast becoming a desperate situation.

Colleague 2:  Now that we are facing a crisis, let's see how he reacts.

Colleague 1:  I agree. If the manager keeps his cool and remains calm and makes sound decisions, then disaster can be averted and he can win the respect of his team.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - keep your cool

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  What are we going to do? You are out of work. I am out of work. The bills are piling up and we just got a foreclosure notice from the bank. This is a disaster.

Husband:  We are going to remain calm. Sometimes, when the chips are down, unexpected opportunity comes along but in order to take advantage of opportunity, we must keep our cool.


to keep your cool - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   991   click for frequency by country

to keep your cool - Gerund Form:

Keeping your cool when all around you are panicking shows good leadership.

to keep your cool - Examples:

1)  That won't always help you keep your cool in the middle of a chaotic boss battle, but it's good for getting ...

2)  ... never get too high or too low in football, you need to keep your cool at all times and I have tried to do that.

3)  I find it pays to spend more and buy less. Keep your cool in the sales. If the quality you dreamed of and couldn't ...

4)  ... it is not too difficult to keep your cool when the opposition begins to cross the line.

5)  I had to keep my cool, to maintain my wits.

6)  I have one round to go and I just need to keep my cool.

7)  I don't deserve this. But what I can do is just keep my cool and fight to change things. I'm not going to make a drama ...

8)  Even in the most heated moments, he can keep his cool and make best possible decisions.

9)  ... but he (pretty much) managed to keep his cool in a setting - and around people - that would drive others to distraction.

10)  ... losing his belt the way he did but, if he can keep his cool, he has to be given the slight edge in this contest.

11)  Had to keep his cool as everyone around him was coming off injured, ...

12)  ... lost an early lead after a string of mistakes, but managed to keep his cool as he claimed the interval (11-8). He unrelentingly pushed to finish the ...

13)  ... with a maelstrom six months down the line? How could a columnist keep his cool if he has been beating his head against one huge wall of illogic for 27 years?

14)  ... combined with a lot of swell and some current, Leroy kept her cool and followed a strategy the team laid out in the morning.

15)  ... despite being close to tears, who kept her cool.

16)  ... kept her cool and asked the callers a series of questions, which quickly convinced her they were ...

17)  Amidst serious temptations that came with stardom, she kept her cool while others lost theirs. She exercised a lot of self-discipline, a rare quality ...

18)  ... she believes in what she does and has kept her cool which has formed the secret of her success.

19)  It is the passion that will keep their cool in the game during the inevitable tough times.

20)  But I do have friends who weren't able to keep their cool. Some of them ended up facing really difficult times after their ...