to keep your eyes open

Idiom Definition

"to keep your eyes open"

to watch carefully

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes open


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes open

Ned and Grace are on their way for their long weekend camping adventure.  They got a jump on traffic because they left home at noon.  Ned and Grace are going to a new camping spot that they have never been to before.  Ned is driving and Grace is sitting in the passenger seat looking at a map.  Grace says to Ned ...

"I think our turn-off is coming up soon.  It's turn number 143.  I don't want to miss the turn so keep your eyes open!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes open

Nancy and Patricia are doing a little shopping.  They have entered a shoe store and are browsing the aisles.  Nancy tells Patricia that she has been looking for the perfect pair of shoes to go with her new dress.  Patricia tells Nancy that ...

she will keep her eyes open for the perfect pair of shoes.

to keep your eyes open - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,212   click for frequency by country

to keep your eyes open - Gerund Form:

Keeping your eyes open can help ensure that you do not to miss anything important.

to keep your eyes open - Examples:

1)  I keep my eyes open when I drive in bad traffic.

2)  You keep your eyes open for your blind date when you are in a busy restaurant.

3)  He keeps his eyes open when he does not want to miss something important.

4)  She keeps her eyes open for shoe sales.

5)  We keep our eyes open in order to discover the other team's strategy.

6)  You (all) keep your eyes open for thieves when you are traveling in foreign countries.

7)  They keep their eyes open for treasure when they walk on the beach.

8)  Check PETA's Web site for action alerts, and keep your eyes open whenever you read a newspaper or a magazine for articles that might merit action.

9)  Try to keep your eyes open or you won't know what your opponent is going to do next.

10)  That doesn't mean Detarou won't try to trick you so keep your eyes open, and do your best to avoid, the bad end.

11) Great ideas are everywhere, if you know where to look, keep your eyes open, and know how to make use of them once you find them. 

12)  What I've done is keep my eyes open for blow-molded tool cases at the local thrift shops.

13)  I'll definitely think more about and will keep my eyes open for the litigation.

14)  I'll get good guidance from this site, and keep my eyes open for any pinks I see in the future!

15)  I believe keeping your eyes open to opportunity is really important

16)  I think it's always worth keeping your eyes open for new resources.

17)  It's well worthwhile looking through your local paper and keeping your eyes open for local businesses that are doing free turkey giveaway promotions.

18)  You can also find a campground park to camp at by keeping your eyes open at all times. 

19)  Early in the evening, he kept his eyes open for opportunities.

20)  Followers of the Unifying Force always kept their eyes open for future possibilities.