to keep your eyes peeled

Idiom Definition

"to keep your eyes peeled"

to watch carefully

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes peeled


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes peeled

Ned and Grace are on their way for their long weekend camping adventure.  They got a jump on traffic because they left home at noon.  Ned and Grace are going to a new camping spot that they have never been to before.  Ned is driving and Grace is sitting in the passenger seat looking at a map.  Grace says to Ned ...

"I think our turn-off is coming up soon.  It's turn number 143.  I don't want to miss the turn so keep your eyes peeled!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to keep your eyes peeled

Nancy and Patricia are planning to meet for lunch.  They have decided that Nancy will take a taxi cab from work and pick up Patricia outside Patricia's office.  Of course, the street outside Patricia's office will be very busy at lunchtime so Nancy tells Patricia ...

"Keep your eyes peeled for me at about ten minutes after one."

Nancy does not want to have the taxi drive around the block if Patricia does not see her.

to keep your eyes peeled - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   628   click for frequency by country

to keep your eyes peeled - Gerund Form:

Keeping your eyes peeled can help you not to miss anything important.

to keep your eyes peeled - Examples:

1)  I keep my eyes peeled when I drive in bad traffic.

2)  You keep your eyes peeled for your blind date when you are in a busy restaurant.

3)  He keeps his eyes peeled when he does not want to miss something important.

4)  She keeps her eyes peeled for shoe sales.

5)  We keep our eyes peeled in order to discover the other team's strategy.

6)  You (all) keep your eyes peeled for thieves when you are traveling in foreign countries.

7)  They keep their eyes peeled for treasure when they walk on the beach.

8) Keep your eyes peeled for slow zones on Whistler and Blackcomb. 

9)  Just keep your eyes peeled and get used to scanning those pinup boards that are usually littered with events.

10)  Keep your eyes peeled for the quasi-albino Champagne squirrels that roam among the huge poplars.

11)  The mid-century Scandinavians are the masters of the minimal candlestick. Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and antique shops.

12)  We will be posting more articles on gift wrapping soon so keep your eyes peeled.

13)  There's no news on a midnight launch, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

14)  I'm not going to keep my eyes peeled as I drive into work for roofing or window companies.

15)  I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for some cheaper alternatives.

16)  We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for overseas reaction when Hotel Vegas goes live on iOS and Android outside the UK.

17)  We were also keeping our eyes peeled for the 6th container, but no joy so far!

18)  We're keeping our eyes peeled for announcements about the pricing, availability and processor speed of Surface.

19)  I began to circle the plane, keeping my eyes peeled for potential trouble.

20)  We are almost in Antarctica now so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for icebergs.