to keep your shirt on

Idiom Definition

"to keep your shirt on"

to relax or calm down;

to wait more patiently

Idiom Definition - to keep your shirt on


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to keep your shirt on

Ned is ready to go.  It is the long weekend.  Ned and Grace had decided that they wanted to leave early for their camping trip so that they would beat all the traffic on the highway.  Ned is pacing back and forth impatiently. Ned is very eager to begin their journey.  He finally calls to his wife to ask if she is ready.  Grace responds...

"Keep your shirt on, Ned.  I will be ready in a minute!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to keep your shirt on

Miriam takes the bus to work every day.  One day the bus gets stuck in traffic.  Miriam is nervously looking at her watch.  She has a very important meeting that she can not be late for.  After waiting and waiting, with traffic barely moving, Miriam approaches the bus driver to ask why it is taking so long.  The bus driver replies...

"Keep your shirt on, lady!  There is nothing I can do about the traffic!"

to keep your shirt on - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   39   click for frequency by country

to keep your shirt on - Gerund Form:

Keeping your shirt on can help reduce stress.

to keep your shirt on - Examples:

1) I keep my shirt on when the doctor tells me I need to reduce my stress levels.

2) You keep your shirt on when you are patient.

3) He keeps his shirt on when his friends tease him.

4) She keeps her shirt on when she is late for work.

5) We keep our shirts on when our team is losing.

6) You (all) keep your shirts on when other people are rude.

7) They keep their shirts on when there is a deadline.

8) Keep your shirt on - don't lose your temper!

9) Thus, to keep your shirt on meant staying calm and avoiding a fight.

10) Keep your shirt on, pal. I'll be providing full coverage of ALL the teams.

11) However, keep your shirt on and bear in mind that someone unfamiliar with the way this site works might need help.

12) I will announce it (in a couple of weeks, so keep your shirt on).

13) Is she keeping her shirt on for the moment?

14) Has he been keeping his shirt on since the traffic jam started?

15) He kept his shirt on during an argument yesterday.

16) Was she keeping her shirt on when panic erupted?

17) Had she kept her shirt on until the waiter announced that there were no tables available?

18) We had been keeping our shirts on all week until the boss announced the layoffs.

19) You will be keeping your shirt on as much as humanly possible for as long as possible.

20)  Before it is over, I am not going to have been keeping my shirt on for the entire ordeal.