to keep your spirits up

Idiom Definition

"to keep your spirits up"

to remain optimistic;

to wish someone confidence in a difficult situation;

to offer encouragement

Idiom Definition - to keep your spirits up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to keep your spirits up

My car broke down this morning and the mechanic tells me it will cost $2,000 to fix it.  My dog died last week.  My boss hates me.  I am feeling a little depressed.

What will you say to me?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to keep your spirits up

Jane loves to downhill ski. She goes skiing almost every weekend during the ski season. Jane works at a travel agency that promotes skiing holidays. You might say that Jane lives to ski. Unfortunately, Jane had a bad skiing accident three month ago and broke her leg very badly. One day, Jane is moping around her apartment when Jane's friend, Linda, stops over for a visit ...

Linda:  Hey, Jane!  How are you?

Jane:  Not so good.

Linda:  What's the matter?

Jane:  Look at my leg.  I am sick to death of this cast and I haven't been skiing in months and the ski season will be over before this cast finally comes off.

Linda:  Well, keep your spirits up!  There's always next season.

Jane:  Yes, you're right.  I will cheer up.

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to keep your spirits up - Usage:


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to keep your spirits up - Gerund Form:

Keeping your spirits up can be a great way to remain positive through a difficult situation.

to keep your spirits up - Examples:

1)  I keep my spirits up when times are tough.

2)  You keep your spirits up when you get bad news.

3)  He keeps his spirits up when everyone around him is downhearted.

4)  She keeps her spirits up because she is an optimist.

5)  We keep our spirits up no matter what the circumstances.

6)  They keep their spirits up when their lives are in calamity.

7)  You (all) keep your spirits up when you feel blue.

8) May you keep your spirits up and your own resources full and sustaining. 

9)  The end of the recession is a fairy tale to keep your spirits up.

10)  I feel for you and your family and wish you well. Keep your spirits up and I pray that my story has given you some hope.

11)  Don't get dragged down too much by setbacks and roadblocks. Keep your spirits up. Understand that you'll have some rocky moments during your career.

12)  I listen to music every day! It helps keep my spirits up.

13) It's so difficult to find work! I'm just trying to keep my spirits up and apply for jobs all the time. 

14)  Everybody did their best to keep my spirits up, but the unknown was frightening.

15)  One of the things keeping my spirits up is writing film previews and features for a Cornish magazine.

16)  Meanwhile, I'm keeping my spirits up by remembering the faces of the other people in the waiting room this morning.

17)  Thanks to all of you for keeping my spirits up

18)  I am not a negative person and I've kept my spirits up for six years hoping to find a single, emotionally available, nice guy.

19)  He always said he admired the way I kept my spirits up.

20)  This book has kept my spirits up over some very tough times.