to kick a ball around

Idiom Definition

"to kick a ball around"

to casually and repeatedly kick a ball between two or more people in an informal setting

Idiom Definition - to kick a ball around


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to kick a ball around

Billy has just stopped by Frank's house ...

Billy:  Hey Frankie!  What's up?

Frank:  Not much.  Do you want to go out in the backyard and kick a ball around?

Billy:  Ya, sure.  I don't feel like doing much.

Frank:  OK.  Grab your soccer ball and let's go.

The boys go to the backyard and chat while they casually kick the ball back and forth between them.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to kick a ball around

Two mothers are talking on the phone ...

Mother 1:  Have you seen the boys?

Mother 2:  I saw them at the park on my way hope from shopping.

Mother 1:  Oh, good.  What were they doing?

Mother 2:  Nothing special.  They were just kicking a ball around.

to kick a ball around - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   113   click for frequency by country

to kick a ball around - Gerund Form:

Kicking a ball around gives a person something to do when they are just hanging out.

to kick a ball around - Examples:

1)  I kick a ball around with my friends at the park every Saturday afternoon.

2)  You kick a ball around when you don't want to play anything serious.

3)  He kicks a ball around with his friends in the backyard most days after school.

4)  She kicks a ball around with her friends on Sunday mornings.

5)  We kick a ball around when we are waiting for a game to start.

6)  You (all) kick the ball around after a game.

7)  They kick a ball around when they are bored.

8)  Ben loves to kick a ball around or just play with bat and ball.

9) There is more room to play or kick a ball around

10)  We would gather on the Commons and kick a ball around.

11)  What will you get up to today?... You can't kick a ball around on your own doorstep. So what do you do?

12)  These kids don't have the facilities to go and kick a ball around in the fresh air, so it's a pretty special experience.

13)  Who cares what they say? Watch them kick a ball around and leave it at that.

14)  After school, it was off to meet up with his friends to kick a ball around.

15)  I suggest you go outside and kick a ball around, chase the girls or play conkers.

16)  Everyone has kicked a ball around a park but how many of us have competed?

17) The majority of Scottish youngsters are happier with their computer games than going out and kicking a ball around, for the fun of it. 

18)  This current crop of players aren't kids kicking a ball around during their lunch break.

19)  I'd much rather think about my niece kicking a ball around the backyard than Ashley Cole doing anything.

20)  He spends hours in the backyard kicking the ball around, usually over the neighbours' fence!