to kick around (an idea)

Idiom Definition

"to kick around (an idea)"

to casually talk about or brainstorm an idea or suggestion or problem

Idiom Definition - to kick around (an idea)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to kick around (an idea)

Stewart and his boss have been working on a difficult problem at work for the last week. They cannot seem to find a suitable solution...

Stewart:  Well, what are we going to do?

Boss:  That's a good question.

Stewart:  Why don't we present the problem at the staff meeting this afternoon.  The entire staff can kick the problem around.  Maybe they'll discover a solution.

Boss:  Good idea! We'll do that.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to kick around (an idea)

Two friends are talking about the upcoming long weekend. They are discussing ideas for what their entire group of friends will do...

Friend One:  We could go skiing.

Friend Two:  Ya, or we could go to Vegas.

Friend One:  We're all getting together tonight.  Why don't we kick around some ideas while we drink a couple of beers?

Friend Two:  That works.  Maybe someone will have a great idea.

to kick around (an idea) - Usage:


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to kick around (an idea) - Gerund Form:

Kicking around an idea can be an excellent way to generate further ideas or solutions.

to kick around (an idea) - Examples:

1)  I kick around ideas with coworkers when I need a solution.

2)  You kick around an idea when you first think of it.

3)  He kicks around ideas all the time.

4)  She kicks her fashion ideas around with her friends.

5)  We kick around ideas for new plays at every practice.

6)  You (all) kick an idea around when you (all) have a problem.

7)  They kick their ideas around for a few minutes every morning.

8)  The BF and I started to kick around the idea of keeping him.

9)  I'll be lucky enough to come out here again and have a chance to kick it around with you!

10) Part of that is to provide a service and kick it around for a while until we find out what works and what doesn't. 

11)  The focus is that we really go out, and listen and kick ideas around.

12) I have a friend who I often like to kick ideas around with. 

13)  Internet chatrooms are used to kick ideas around and microblogs are used to provide real-time updates.

14) I like sci-fi as a genre... because so many good authors of it love to kick ideas around that get you outside your comfortable box, and make you THINK. 

15)  I was rather hoping we could kick some ideas around, and possibly even learn something from the exchange.

16)  We'll kick some ideas around and make a decision tomorrow.

17)  You get the holiday urge and kick this thought around with yourself and with others.

18)  Has she been kicking around an amazing idea for the last couple of days?

19)  Were you kicking the problem around with friends when a solution was found?

20)  Will he kick around the thought of legislative reform with his friends tomorrow?