a kick at the can

Idiom Definition

"a kick at the can"

an attempt, try or turn

Idiom Definition - a kick at the can


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a kick at the can

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How are you doing with getting your computer fixed?

Friend 2: Not very well. I've been working on it for a couple of hours now and I can't fix it.

Friend 1: Do you want me to have a kick at the can?

Friend 2: Yes, please. Give it a try. I could use the help.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a kick at the can

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife: Did you mow the lawn?

Husband: Not yet. I can't get the lawn mower started.

Wife: When are you going to finish, then?

Husband: I'll take another kick at the can after lunch and see if the lawn mower will start.

a kick at the can - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   46   click for frequency by country

a kick at the can - Gerund Form:

Having a kick at the can means it is your turn to try something.

a kick at the can - Examples:

1) Who the hell knows what they would do. He deserves a kick at the can, but needs to be held back a bit.

2) There's no reason for fans not to enjoy Alexisonfire's last kick at the can.

3) J.S. Russell, UBC's lawyer, said Chan should not get another " kick at the can " because she isn't happy with the UBC decision.

4) On the other hand, a Thomas/Rask combo would be perfect for one more kick at the can in 2013. 

5)  Failure is met with shame, and many first-time entrepreneurs never take a kick at the can again.

6) Judge Moldaver asked Mr. Doucette to make sure Wills understood this was his last kick at the can.

7) It is not a done deal yet. We may have another kick at the can.

8) Another week has gone by and with that, another kick at the can for a Linux Distribution that is worthy of unseating Ubuntu Linux.

9) Harper, as sitting Prime Minister, has first kick at the can. It's his government until he steps aside.

10) It seems to me that the party that wins the most seats gets first kick at the can in forming a government.

11) Well, it looks like it's a waterfall of dissent lately- one last kick at the can before the dissenters check out.

12) One has to wonder if the ECHL would be willing to give Canada another kick at the can by replacing one of those teams in the future.

13) The 2014 World Cup in Brazil would have been Canada's last kick at the can with the current core group of players.

14)  John said he would like a kick at the can.

15)  A person should be allowed another kick at the can if the first try wasn't fair.

16)  Failed your driver's licence exam. Just take another kick at the can. You'll pass.

17)  How many kicks at the can have you taken so far?

18)  How many kicks at the can must cell phone providers be allowed before better regulations are enacted?

19)  Can you give me another kick at the can. I didn't understand the first time.

20)  Did they give you another kick at the can?