to kick (someone) off (something)

Idiom Definition

"to kick (someone) off (something)"

to force someone to depart from certain situations

Idiom Definition - to kick (someone) off (something)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to kick (someone) off (something)

There is a meeting of the local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) committee in progress ...

Speaker 1:  Have you read the news about one of our members?

Speaker 2:  I can't believe it.  One of our members has been caught stealing money!

Speaker 1:  I think we have no choice but to kick him off the committee.

Speaker 2:  Yes.  We cannot have such a person on the PTA.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to kick (someone) off (something)

A young man is driving down a street on his way home one evening when he sees a friend walking on the side of the street. The young man stops the car next to his friend ...

Driving Friend:  Hey!  What's up?  Why are you walking?

Walking Friend:  I had a few drinks at the bar.  Then I was taking the bus home.  I got a little loud and aggressive and the bus driver kicked me off the bus.

Driving Friend:  Get in.  I'll give you a ride home.

to kick (someone) off (something) - Usage:


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to kick (someone) off (something) - Gerund Form:

Kicking a poor player off the team is sometimes necessary.

to kick (someone) off (something) - Examples:

1)  I kick poor sportsmen off the team.

2)  You kick non-performers off the committee.

3)  He kicks people who have been drinking off the bus.

4)  She kicks hijackers off the plane.

5)  The United Nations kicks off non-complying member countries from the disarmament committee.

6)  We kick absentee members off the board of directors.

7)  You (all) kick them off the boat when they become dangerous.

8)  They kick the weakest members off the island.

9)  Is the United Nations kicking off non-complying member countries from the disarmament committee?

10)  We are not kicking him off the boat right now.

11)  Did you kick the wet dog off the couch yesterday night?

12)  I didn't kick them off.

13)  Women on 20s' campaign wants to kick Andrew Jackson off $20 bill, replace with historical female.

14)  A SECRET plan to kick millionaires off the aged pension was shelved by the Abbott Government's budget razor gang.

15)  We're gonna play till they kick us off the stage.

16)  Mr. Amtrak Man had threatened to kick them off the train if they didn't remove various non-gerbil items from the chairs next to them.

17)  We filed an application for relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy court so that we could kick them off the property.

18)  Oklahoma students Tuesday to get their opinions on university president David Boren's decision to kick Sigma Alpha Epsilon off campus.

19)  If a guy assaults, harasses, or stalks you, and you report it, odds are, all a site has the power to do is kick him off the site.

20)  Kick pets off your bed.