something is kicking around somewhere

Idiom Definition

"something is kicking around somewhere"

You know you have something. You do not know where it is in the present moment.

Idiom Definition - something is kicking around somewhere


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - something is kicking around somewhere

Bruce has just stopped by at Brad's house to borrow a book.

Bruce:  Hey, Brad!  I was hoping you would lend me that book you told me about yesterday.

Brad:    Absolutely.  No problem.  I just need to remember where I put it.

Bruce starts to look around his house for the book.  He checks the bookshelf and his bedroom but can't seem to find the book.

Brad:     I can't find the book just now but I know it's kicking around here somewhere.

Bruce:  OK.  I'll borrow the book another time.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - something is kicking around somewhere

It is springtime.  Jill wants to take her motorcycle out for the first time this year.  She hasn't ridden her motorcycle since last autumn, five months ago.  Jill looks and looks for the keys for her motorcycle but she can't seem to find them.  She says to herself ...

"I know those keys are kicking around somewhere!"


It is possible to use this idiom to refer to people. When you don't know exactly where a person is or people are but you know they are somewhere. Idiom Definition - something is kicking around somewhere

Joan is working late one night at the office when her telephone rings ...

Joan:  Hello, Joan speaking.

Joe:  Hi Joan.  It's Joe.  I called your house.  Do you know where Richard is?

Joan:  Yes, he came to pick me up for dinner but I don't know where he has gone.  I know he is kicking around the office somewhere.  Do you want me to find him?

Joe:  No, thanks.  That's OK.  I just wanted to see if he wanted to go out tonight but I now understand he has other plans.

Joan:  I'll tell Richard you called when I find him.

Joe:  Thanks.  Bye for now.

Joan  Bye.


something is kicking around somewhere - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   295   click for frequency by country

something is kicking around somewhere - Gerund Form:

Kicking around somewhere is the gerund form.

something is kicking around somewhere - Examples:

1)  Slow months for retailers mean there are deals kicking around somewhere.

2)  If you've still got a PS3 save of Hundred Years War kicking around somewhere, you can even boot that up in Nightmare to jam with a buddy.

3)  It could be that an old bag of feed was “kicking around somewhere” that might have been used.

4)  Most levels have a single med kit kicking around somewhere.

5)  He has a picture of King's game-winner in the home opener kicking around somewhere in his house.

6)  I still have a copy of the "We Survived" Daily News kicking around somewhere.

7)  Think I still have my pirates hat kicking around somewhere.

8)  EcoATM estimates that most Americans have five or six old cell phones kicking around somewhere.

9)  I'm sure it was kicking around somewhere in my head before or while we were doing Beeswax.

10)  There is also more than likely a copy of The Beatles' Revolver kicking around somewhere in their record collection.

11)  Is that episode still kicking around somewhere on the internet? 

12) It is entirely possible that you may already have a compatible 5 V/2 A adapter kicking around somewhere

13)  There is probably a YouTube video kicking around somewhere which does, come to think of it.

14)  I still have kicking around somewhere a HP LaserJet IIP printer, circa late 1980's. At the time it was dot matrix printers that ruled, but HP was at ...

15)  For all we know, they might even have some extra hot pots and sake barrels kicking around somewhere too.

16)  All these guys were taken from us too soon, and it's just more comforting to believe they're still kicking around somewhere, waiting things out.

17)  That would be inconvenient to have another 10inch panel kicking around somewhere, but it would keep the netbook out of the sun.

18)  I was a big fan of the games as a youngin' and still have the novels kicking around somewhere.

19)  Either he's just forfeited that money himself or there's a really annoyed German environmentalist kicking around somewhere.

20)  The former Iraqi Information Minister is still kicking around somewhere in the Middle East.