to kiss up to

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - to kiss up to

"to kiss up to"

to ingratiate oneself with someone in order to gain influence with or favor from


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to kiss up to

Two coworkers are talking ...

Coworker 1:  Look at Harry. He's always chasing around after the boss getting his coffee and doing whatever the boss wants. He's always complimenting the boss on his work even when the boss's work is awful.

Coworker 2:  I know! Harry loves to kiss up to the boss.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to kiss up to

Two students are talking ...

A student:  Yes, teacher.  What a great idea teacher.  You are so brilliant, teacher.  Can I help you with those papers?  I just love your class, teacher.

Student 1:  Man, can you believe that girl?

Student 2:  She loves to kiss up to the teacher.

to kiss up to - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   121   click for frequency by country

to kiss up to - Gerund Form:

Kissing up to the boss is a common workplace occurrence.

to kiss up to - Examples:

1)  ... and integrity over going along to get along. If we're just going to kiss up to power because " that's who can get things done " even when ...

2)  Be honest. People don't like 'sheep'; people who kiss up to others and are afraid to give honest opinions.

3)  ... and make them aware of your desire to apply. There is no need to kiss up to them, but instead talk about your qualifications for the position.

4)  Republicans shamelessly kiss up to businesses like a calf sucks on its mother's teats no matter what ...

5)  He hasn't yet realized that David Corn isn't one of the lapdogs that kiss up to him.

6)  If he is not willing to compromise, why are we kissing up to him.

7)  ... and if you are an oppressed person who must survive by kissing up to a more powerful person, it is likely to kill you or destroy ...

8)  I am not particularly in favour of kissing up to the Saudis, or of political subsidy for the British arms industry.

9)  Nevertheless, as with any loss there is some kissing up to do in the short term while they save face and plan for a ...

10)  ... political cronyism in this country. Not talent. Not merit. But cronyism and kissing up to the political authorities.

11)  In my last three consulting roles, it was the most incompetent full-time managers who kissed up to the boss the most that got the promotions.

12)  So I kissed up to him the whole week I was here.

13)  I, in essence, kissed up to every agency that I could and even got a million bucks from the ...

14)  He kissed up to the old miser long enough to earn his trust.

15)  Leadership is what people love. Not being kissed up to and agreed with when we know we are both ignorant of the full ...

16)  The most important thing is his career. Kisses up to the people above him and stamps on the ones below.

17)  ... to make them cups of tea (it's not her job) and basically kisses up to people.

18)  He kisses up to his own boss so he can remain in a position of authority while ...

19)  It is irresistible to chat about a colleague who kisses up to the boss, no matter how impervious to blandishments your boss is.

20)  Farber is self styled "anti-PC" crusader who kisses up to men while pretending to be an independent woman. She's a faux ...