to knock into shape

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - knock into shape

"to knock into shape"

to use vigorous action to bring someone or something into a proper specified state or better condition


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - knock into shape

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I just heard that the clients are coming tomorrow instead of the day after tomorrow and we don't have the presentation ready. We have some of the write-ups done and some of the graphics and a general plan but it is certainly not ready.

Colleague 2: No problem. A couple of hours of hard work and we will have it knocked into shape, no problem.

Colleague 1: OK. Let's get to work.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - knock into shape

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Wow. You sure are looking good. You must have lost thirty pounds.

Friend 2: Thanks. I looked in the mirror last fall and really did not like what I saw so I spent the winter changing my diet, going to the gym and generally knocking myself into shape.

Friend 1: Well, you have achieved great results for such a short period of time. You must have really applied yourself.

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to knock into shape - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   37   click for frequency by country

to knock into shape - Gerund Form:

Knocking the team into shape before the final match, the coach instituted a strict policy of physical conditioning.

to knock into shape - Examples:

1)  I have some Happiness Project posts drafted on my netbook and will knock them into shape and start posting this week.

2)  Below we have assembled a cutting-edge set of six-pack strategies to knock your gut into shape plus the step-by-step blueprints you need to support your journey. 

3)  I would go into other people's homes and knock them into shape. Even as a child I loved to tear my room apart and put it back in better order.

4)  ... workout gear, exercise techniques, and enough vim and vigor to knock you into shape.

5)  ... it can help you get on top of your numbers and knock your business into shape today. Discover easy to apply, step-by-step, proven strategies that will boost ...

6)  Bailey has gone soft, someone needs to knock those interns into shape.

7)  You might say that the bunch of singers I knock into shape in such a short time can't really be called a 'choir'.

8)  To have a hassle free start, check all your equipment and knock it into shape. Clean, lubricate, refuel, test, charge, adjust -- everything you ...

9)  ... harsher punishments for unauthorised access or forgetting to encrypt data can knock the industry into shape.

10)  ... while an early deadline at work had me scrambling to knock intern copy into shape

11)  ... and playing musical entrées with our orders, but she knocked em into shape and had our orders all sorted out. 

12)  It's going to take time for the rest to be knocked into shape.

13)  Nell also knocked my eyebrows into shape rather painlessly. 

14)  I spent the summer getting Kismetology edited, knocked into shape and ready for release, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every second.

15)  This may have been our greatest challenge yet as a professional choreographer knocked us into shape to make sure we had all our sultry tiger moves perfectly in time for the ...

16)  ... with the wild-eyed notion that they could be knocked into shape over an accelerated four year course and emerge on the other side as doctors.

17)  ... black is poorly pigmented. However, these poorer performing shades can be knocked into shape with a bit of water or mixing medium.

18)  She knocked us into shape and had us doing as exactly as we were told in no time.

19)  Read how she knocked herself into shape and shed 102 lbs along the way!

20)  ... it will need to be worked on, knocked into shape so as to be brought to a form that will generate interest, coverage, ...