to knock your head against a brick wall

Idiom Definition 1

"to knock your head against a brick wall"

to attempt to do something that is very difficult or impossible to achieve and therefore causes frustration


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Idiom Definition 2

"to knock your head against a brick wall"

to repeatedly do, say, or ask for something which results in no change in a situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - knock your head against a brick wal

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  You've been working on that big project for months now. How is it coming along?

Colleague 2:  OK, I guess. I will work on it for a week or so and then discover a problem that puts me back to the beginning. I find a solution to that problem, go at it again and then something else comes along. It has been a very slow and frustrating experience.

Colleague 1:  It must feel like you are knocking your head against a brick wall. But would you say that you are making progress?

Colleague 2:  Slowly and painfully, yes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - knock your head against a brick wall

Two parents are talking about their son ...

Mother:  I feel as though I am knocking my head against a brick wall trying to get Ralph to take out the garbage.

Father:  Why do you say that?

Mother:  Every garbage day, I remind him and he ignores me or simply forgets. I have tried putting reminder notes on his cereal box. I have put the garbage bag on his shoes in the hallway. I have tried everything and am about to just give up and take out the garbage myself.

to knock your head against a brick wall - Usage:


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to knock your head against a brick wall - Gerund Form:

Knocking your head against a brick wall trying to get your teenage son to take out the garbage is a frustrating experience.

to knock your head against a brick wall - Examples:

1)  ... then tackle them when you feel prepared. Don't knock your head against a brick wall. TESO can be tough, and sometimes you'll find yourself in ...

2)  ... to have enough resources, it makes me want to knock my head against a brick wall. How is this possible when I can do it myself?

3)  Never being one to uselessly knock my head against a brick wall, I sought a different track; indeed, what I believe came to ...

4)  ... there were days when you felt as if you were knocking your head against a brick wall. But there were others, the best ones, when you saw the progress.

5)  Explaining sexism to a Nigerian man/apologist is like knocking your head against a brick wall. It's of no use.

6)  ... trying to reason with conspiracy theorists. It's like knocking your head against a brick wall. There are still people out there arguing about Roswell.

7)  ... been soul-destroying. You feel as if you are knocking your head against a brick wall.

8)  ... nature of the game stops you feeling that you're knocking your head against a brick wall of challenge. It's not that you won't get stuck in ...

9)  ... but it's like knocking your head against a brick wall... you can't argue with people like that.

10)  Sometimes it can feel as though you're knocking your head against a brick wall. Now they can see it's hard, but it is do-able.

11)  ... having said that, there's a fine balance between knocking your head against a brick wall and returning consistently to a theme.

12)  ... would have been like knocking your head against a brick wall, it's taken most of the four years to convert a generation.

13)  The learning curve is steep and you can end up knocking your head against a brick wall with ...

14)  Sometimes it's like knocking your head against a brick wall, but that's what you've got to get through to play ...

15)  Feeling like I was knocking my head against a brick wall, I decided to dip my toes into the world of desktop self-publishing, ...

16)  I feel like I'm knocking my head against a brick wall. It's so frustrating because everyone I've spoken to has ...

17)  Many a times I felt I was knocking my head against a brick wall. I felt no one was listening and couldn't understand why.

18)  I get very frustrated, I feel like sometimes knocking my head against a brick wall.

19)  Nobody would listen. I felt I was knocking my head against a brick wall. It would make me cry.

20)  ... had been knocking his head against a brick wall until his claims were made public ...