to know the drill

Idiom Definition

"to know the drill"

to understand what usually happens in a given situation

Idiom Definition - to know the drill


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Idiom Definition - to know the drill
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You know the drill!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to know the drill

Ned and Grace are just beginning their Saturday morning. They always have the same routine every Saturday morning. Ned goes out and cuts the lawn, washes the car and trims the hedges while Grace makes a nice brunch ...

Grace:  Good morning, Ned.

Ned:  Morning.  What are we doing today?

Grace:  Same as always, Ned.  You know the drill!

to know the drill - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   413   click for frequency by country

to know the drill - Gerund Form:

Knowing the drill means you will know what to do next.

to know the drill - Examples:

1)  I know the drill when the task is always the same.

2)  You know the drill when you have performed the task many times.

3)  He knows the drill when he has watched others do it many times.

4)  She knows the drill because she has worked there for many years.

5)  The emergency preparedness committee knows the drill for emergencies.

6)  We know the drill because we have played this team many times.

7)  You (all) know the drill because you (all) have been married for twenty years.

8)  They know the drill when they practice the procedure many times.

9)  You must know the drill by now.

10)  All of us regulars know the drill.

11)  Get US passport photos taken at the post office -- they'll know the drill and requirements.

12)  They've been famous a while now, they know the drill.

13)  If you've had kids, then you know the drill.

14)  You know the drill -- eat regular meals with protein for lasting energy.

15) If you've done this before, and you know the drill

16)  He's a company man and knows the drill.

17)  She knows the drill and she conveys this power.

18)  After 10 years in the game this boy knows the drill.

19)  He must have a secretary who knew the drill of the Service. 

20)  Successful composers knew the drill.