to know the score

Idiom Definition

"to know the score"

to understand a situation even though the facts might not be apparent or the facts might be unpleasant

Idiom Definition - to know the score


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to know the score

Today, Juan is substitute teaching at a local Junior High School.  Juan has substituted as a teacher many times in the past.  As a result, Juan knows that the students like to give substitute teachers more trouble than their usual teachers. 

Juan knows the score about substitute teaching.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to know the score

Susan is having a discussion with her boss about a new client their company has.  The client wants to change the rules of the contract they signed.  Susan is reluctant to make the changes because she knows that if her company allows one change, then the customer will want more changes in the future.

Susan knows the score.

to know the score - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   452   click for frequency by country

to know the score - Gerund Form:

Knowing the score can help you make a good decision.

to know the score - Examples:

1)  I know the score when I have all the facts.

2)  You know the score when you understand a situation.

3)  He knows the score because he has been here for twenty years.

4)  She knows the score because she has studied the situation.

5)  The school administration knows the score when it comes to delinquent students.

6)  We know the score when we understand all aspects of  the relationship.

7)  You (all) know the score because you (all) have done this many times before.

8)  They know the score because they have been briefed thoroughly.

9)  I've worked for owners in Philly and Minnesota and I know the score in those towns.

10)  You don't have to be, or have, an accountant to know the score.

11)  When he did know the score, he communicated it very capably indeed.

12)  I've been around here long enough to know the score.

13)  He knows the score. The consequences of cheating would be dire. 

14)  Stephen Brunt, the best dang sports journalist in Canada, also knows the score when it comes to these matters.

15)  I can recommend a good solicitor (rides/races bikes so knows the score) if you need one.

16)  Anyone who knows the score knows this rivalry goes beyond Millwall football club.

17)  She's been around the block and she knows the score -- she knows the bad boys from the good ones.

18)  He knew the score from the outset, she didn't - not really.

19)  As long as Dad knew the score he would sort out any problem.

20)  The only ones who knew the score were the corporate execs scoring huge contracts.