to knuckle down

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - knuckle down

"to knuckle down"

to get serious about a task;

to work diligently on a task or problem


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - knuckle down

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you got that quarterly report done yet? You know it is due the day after tomorrow, right?

Colleague 2:  I know when it is due. It is just such an odious task that I have been avoiding it.

Colleague 1:  Then you had better knuckle down and get to work and get it done.

Colleague 2:  You're right. I will put all else aside and really concentrate on it, after lunch.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - knuckle down

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Let's go shopping.

Friend 2:  I can't. I decided to really knuckle down and get serious about reducing my credit card debt.

Friend 1:  But you love to shop.

Friend 2:  Yes I do. That is why I really have to apply myself to remain vigilant in fighting the impulse to shop.

to knuckle down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   541   click for frequency by country

to knuckle down - Gerund Form:

Knuckling down to a difficult problem is the only way to solve it.

to knuckle down - Examples:

1)  He had so much energy it was exhausting and he was starting to knuckle down at school as he wanted to go to ...

2)  ... dream of property ownership. Most of us have a choice in our 20s: knuckle down and save for a home loan deposit, work hard and set ourselves up ...

3)  We've come to the fact that we've really got to knuckle down and get on with things because we really want this to survive here.

4)  ... life can be pretty tough. Fortune and circumstance are almost overwhelming. But they knuckle down to the task of simply getting by - and getting through another day.

5)  There's not much time before the world championships this month so I need to knuckle down and do the job.

6)  All of which serves to underline that Ireland are going to have knuckle down for a long, hard slog through their final three matches, starting with ...

7)  They need to knuckle down and start working, and they should look at what ...

8)  We said this game could get really ugly if we don't knuckle down into it and really fight on.

9)  ... hard work does pay off. If you want to succeed, you have to knuckle down.

10)  ... knows the spending is getting out of hand and wants to knuckle down this year and clear as much credit card debt as possible.

11)  After starting the day with a bogey on the opening hole, Jang knuckled down and shot pars until her first birdie on the 13th and then again on ...

12)  I love what I do now. I've knuckled down into the media world.

13)  ... yet rather than making sounds about their discontent, they have knuckled down, continued to work hard, and performed admirably whenever called upon.

14)  To be fair to them, they knuckled down, worked their socks off and got themselves into it with ...

15)  He knuckled down and continued to work hard.

16)  The players deserve full praise for knuckling down and getting on with the job. It has taken real determination from them ...

17)  ... weeping uncontrollably on his mother's shoulder before knuckling down to do his duty till the day he died.

18)  Here, a small, isolated population has learned to thrive by knuckling down and facing the elements.

19)  You've got to keep knuckling down and get the hard work done.

20)  ... distracting merger talks of last year now behind it, the group seems to be knuckling down to the job of sorting out the core business.