a labor of love

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a labor of love

"a labor of love"

a difficult task which is not done for little or no monetary reward but is done for personal satisfaction or the satisfaction of others


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a labor of love

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I notice you have been staying late two or three nights a week. What have you been doing?

Colleague 2:  I've been creating promotional material for a charity that I am involved in.

Colleague 1:  And you get paid for that?

Colleague 2:  Not at all. It is a labor of love. The charity is something I really believe in and the boss said that I could use some company resources to make the materials.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a labor of love

Two neighbors are talking over coffee ...

Friend 1:  These early morning chats are really nice. It is so easy to just pop over to your house. Is your husband still sleeping?

Friend 2:  No. He has been getting up an hour early each morning for the past two months. He has been spending that hour in the garage custom building an amazing dollhouse for our daughter. Her fourth birthday is coming up.

Friend 1:  Wow. That is a real labor of love. Your daughter will be so pleased to have such a wonderful dollhouse.

Friend 2:  Yes. My husband loves her so very much.

a labor of love - Usage:


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a labor of love - Gerund Form:

Being a labor of love, the group put in extra effort to help their friend.

a labor of love - Examples:

1)  Looping on the LPGA Tour is a labor of love laced with economic hardships requiring perseverance, imagination and a supportive family.

2)  It's a labor of love for me. It's an incredible story about this great female hero ...

3)  ... ultimately -- learning a new language is a labor of love. It feeds your soul in a way that is worth ...

4)  ... it was a labor of love with few resources and a whole lot of good intentions.

5)  ... and a free family concert each year. It was a labor of love for my father and his friends.

6)  It's all done by hand, and it's a labor of love for him. In the end, each print is truly unique.

7)  ... attending and supporting the event is a labor of love. Participation in any worthy cause is its own reward, ...

8)  ... and the car had to be finished by employees after hours, a labor of love and excitement.

9)  It was a labor of love, and it took 25 years.

10)  We're not talking about making serious money here. It's a labor of love.

11)  ... not making any money on it," he said. "This is strictly a labor of love for me."

12)  ... an environmentalist, philanthropist and nature photographer, the garden has been a labor of love for nearly 30 years.

13)  So far, the Beacon is mostly a labor of love with a few thousand dollars in startup costs.

14)  This was never about financial gain but rather a labor of love.

15)  "This is a labor of love," he said. "We are here working here seven days ...

16)  ... unique jewelry pieces that emulate her creativity and eclectic spirit. Her jewelry is a labor of love and an outlet to explore her artistic passions.

17)  ... says this gift of compassion is a labor of love.

18)  Although it was great and I learned a lot-it was a labor of love. I just got paid a little over minimum wage and they charged ...

19)  ... 746 shoes were donated and this year had 817. It's a labor of love and it just keeps growing, which I'm so very proud of ...

20)  ... diligently to raise funds for the program. For them, the fundraising is a labor of love.