to land on your feet

Idiom Definition

"to land on your feet"

to have a positive outcome after a period of uncertainty or trouble

Idiom Definition - to land on your feet


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to land on your feet

Two colleagues are talking about recent layoffs at the company where they work ...

Colleague 1: What am I going to do?

Colleague 2:  You had no idea that you would be out of a job?

Colleague 1:  None whatsoever.  This is the worst time for me. My wife and I are expecting a new baby and we just moved into a new house.  We have almost nothing in the bank.

Colleague 2:  Don't worry.  You're extremely talented and you have a lot of contacts in the industry.  You'll land on your feet.  Everything will be OK.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to land on your feet

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  How was your final exam in Geography?

Student 2: You'll never believe what happened. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Student 1: What happened?

Student 2:  I got the dates mixed up and missed my final which means that I can't graduate.

Student 1:  Did you talk to the professor?

Student 2:  The prof said that there was nothing we could do. Looks like I will have to stay for another semester and repeat the course but I have moved out of the dorm and quit my job.

Student 1:  You'll find some way to land on your feet.

to land on your feet - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   333   click for frequency by country

to land on your feet - Gerund Form:

Landing on your feet after losing your job unexpectedly is a sign of perseverance and hard work.

to land on your feet - Examples:

1)  Here's hoping the fine folks that worked there are able to land on their feet and find new work.

2)  I'm sure they'll land on their feet somewhere else in Canadian broadcasting because they are three of the best.

3) I am one of those people who seems to be able to always land on their feet in the end (knock wood). 

4)  When your target industry crashes, those with adaptable skill sets land on their feet.

5)  It is these circumstances that develop leaders, people who can land on their feet, who are bold and imaginative, and who can see the big picture.

6)  If you have confidence in yourself, you will always land on your feet.

7)  And you girls are going to land on your feet. You'll be okay! Whatever comes, you'll be okay.

8)  I'd keep job hunting and don't assume you can't land on your feet here.

9)  You always seem to land on your feet and in a better place after it. 

10)  I am confident you'll land on your feet and be up and dancing before you know it!

11)  Not only did he land on his feet, he also gets to rub the nose of his previous employer in it.

12)  No matter what he does wrong he always seems to land on his feet.

13)  He's going to land on his feet and he's going to do well.

14) Meanwhile I am afraid of the unknown and trust that I will land on my feet. I do know that for every door that closes, another opens. 

15)  Yet, I believed in myself and had faith I would land on my feet.

16)  I assured her that I could land on my feet with a contracting job should the money run out.

17)  She will always land on her feet and be able to get a job somewhere and be OK.

18)  I honestly don't worry about her, she will land on her feet no matter what, she has already proven her resilience.

19) But just how difficult is it going to be to land on our feet in the States if we actually know NOBODY living there? 

20)  David Laws need not concern themselves on his behalf, he'll land on his feet. These people always do.