last but not least

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - last but not least

"last but not least"

the final item on a list or of a sequence, but not the least important


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - last but not least

A manager is addressing his staff during a staff meeting ...

Manager: OK. Today is a big day with our store's Grand Opening. Please ensure that there is always stock on the shelves, that the premises is always neat and tidy and that no customer waits more than one minute before being acknowledged. And, last but not least, smile!

Employee: So smiling is the most important task?

Manager: I wouldn't say smiling is the most important thing but it is very important to give customers a warm smile to make them feel welcome.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - last but not least

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Are you all ready for our camping trip? Have you got all you need packed?

Friend 2: I think so. I've got several changes of warm clothes, food, tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear, sunscreen, and last but not least, insect repellent.

Friend 1: Very good. You would go crazy without the bug spray.

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last but not least - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4193   click for frequency by country

last but not least - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for last but not least.

last but not least - Examples:

1)  We had saddle horses and cows, and last but not least my pony.

2)  "I don't know how to cook", and last but not least, "it's so much easier to eat out".

3)  ... art, music, architecture, socio-biology, philosophy, and, last but not least, religion itself. The result is a set of profound meditations whose primary subject ...

4)  ... agents, NGOs, media types, mercenaries, adventurers and, last but not least, would-be saints, martyrs and heroes.

5)  ... more calories than your body needs/burns and you gain weight. And last but not least... consume less calories than your body needs/burns and you lose weight.

6)  ... account for gross cellular damage, mutagenesis, cancer, and, last but not least, the degenerative process of biological aging.

7)  ... is what he did to cause the breakup forgivable. And the last but not least, actually, most vital questions are, do you want him back?

8)  Record and Action. Last but not least among the responsibilities of a facilitator is the recording of outputs, and of bringing ...

9)  ... calms the nerves, stimulates, helps thinking and vigilance, and last but not least reduces or prevents headache.

10)  ... importance of association management and thereby empowering the association executives. And last but not least I plan to put my detailed thoughts in writing.

11)  ... became bankrupt, lost my home lived in a tent. And last but not least ended up having a very abusive relationship through which I lost my family.

12)  Last but not least Thanks guys, for your commitment, this blog and this official statement!

13)  ... the social context of playing, the narrative expression and, last but not least, the challenge they offer as games.

14)  Dress appropriately for the country in which you are working. Last but not least, stay positive and look upon your journey not only as an opportunity of teaching ...

15)  ... only brought industry but also calmness in possession to midfield. And last but not least, Ville Walln rose to the occasion by making a few excellent saves to keep ...

16)  ... who have lost their illusions, hopes and dreams, patriotism and last but not least their children to this bloody, disgusting and corrupt war and it's administrators.

17)  ... companies, they also benefit tremendously from these large companies. # Last but not least, this is often a great thing for the developers themselves.

18)  ... and continuous innovation in research methods and marketing thought leadership. And last but not least: positively surprising clients every day.

19)  ... the bank, a drive-thru option at the pharmacy, and, last but not least, a drive-thru coffee shop! 

20)  The teachers should be ashamed, principals, school board and last but not least the parents!