last ditch effort

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - last ditch effort

"last ditch effort"

a desperate final attempt to avoid failure or defeat, especially after a series of failures or setbacks


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - last ditch effort

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Is there anything else we can do to avoid this hostile takeover bid?

Colleague 2: We have exhausted the company's resources. I suppose, as a last ditch effort, we could appeal to the shareholders on a personal level. We could try to convince them that money is not everything and that the very nature of the company they have helped to build will be irrecoverably changed.

Colleague 1: With only days to go, any desperate attempt is better than nothing.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - last ditch effort

A couple are talking ...

Wife: You've been working at removing the stump of that old oak tree for weeks now. When are you going to give in and call a professional?

Husband: I admit that the situation is getting critical and that at some point I need to give up but I have one last-ditch effort to try before we call a professional stump remover.

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last ditch effort - Usage:


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last ditch effort - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for last ditch effort.

last ditch effort - Examples:

1)  ... so much and decided to once again try a tutor as a kind of last ditch effort before putting the guitar down for good.

2)  ... offers are an employer's last ditch effort to get an employee to change their mind about leaving the organization.

3)  ... was leading Quinn by a similar margin right up to the election. A last ditch effort by the Unions gave the election to Quinn.

4)  And I believe that this week's dog and pony show is simply a last ditch effort to wring every possible penny they can out of Microsoft.

5)  ... kind of impact against this scourge will be made. I'm making a last ditch effort to sign up more members and get more donations.

6)  but the school records nonsense is just that. Utter nonsense. A last ditch effort to dig up something "not provided" in order to perpetuate the myth ...

7)  Too often patients come to my office as a last ditch effort. They've seen specialists, taken medications and are still getting worse.

8)  ... maybe this was the last ditch effort to make something happen without having to hire an attorney.

9)  The neighborhood was about to demolish the playground when it decided to try one last ditch effort: putting a sidewalk through it. 

10)  Could it be possible the Seal was lasing the target as a last ditch effort to fake the terrorists into thinking air support was on its way?

11)  But like I said, down to the wire, last ditch effort. Not something to go out and do in the first few minutes.

12)  Virtual Tales has folded. There was a last ditch effort to keep it afloat as a co-op, but that didn't pan out.

13)  The private investigation business had been a last-ditch effort to keep his head above water, the bill collectors at bay, and ...

14)  ... you and left you completely uninspired, don't give up. Make a last-ditch effort to save the day and throw on a favorite accessory, or two, ...

15)  Striking should be used as a very last-ditch effort.

16)  I see it as a last-ditch effort by a frustrated father who has tried everything to get his daughter to do ...

17)  Their only logical use is as a last-ditch effort after the certainty of complete annihilation becomes apparent.

18)  We do this as the last-ditch effort to maintain something that might otherwise be lost.

19)  I do think that fecal transplants are sort of a last-ditch effort to fix something gone perhaps unnecessarily awry. 

20)  As a last-ditch effort to avoid the sales of 3ES, Helen takes some drastic action.