late in life

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - late in life

"late in life"

at an old age


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - late in life

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I am getting really bored with my current job and have been thinking about changing careers.

Colleague 2: Isn't it somewhat late in life for you to be starting over? You must be coming up to retirement age.

Colleague 1: In fact, I will be fifty-five next year and, yes, the plan was to have retired then but I am not ready to retire and would really like to try something different.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - late in life

Two cousins are talking ...

Cousin 1: Where's Grandma?

Cousin 2: She is not to be disturbed. She is in her studio painting.

Cousin 1: When did Grandma take up painting?

Cousin 2: Last month.

Cousin 1: She is seventy-five years old. Isn't that too late in life to start painting.

Cousin 2: Not at all. Wait until you see some of her work. She is remarkably good.

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late in life - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   633   click for frequency by country

late in life - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for late in life.

late in life - Examples:

1)  The Ukita Family Like many Japanese women, 43-year-old Sayo Ukita had children relatively late in life.

2)  The responsibility is up to you. I learned this late in life, and the power I have gained from that bit of wisdom is ...

3)  ... he learned about the many stages of childhood development and the physical ailments that come late in life.

4)  She started writing late in life, and sadly died earlier this year.

5)  ... be helpful to any older person having a lot of general discomfort and disability very late in life. In palliative care, ...

6)  Are you risking your health, or baby's health being pregnant so late in life?

7)  I love painting although I began relatively late in life at around 50. 

8)   I found the gift late in life. I was 52 the first time I went around the dance pole.

9)  Nothing is ruled out, though, not even a well-deserved readership late in life, or posthumously.

10)  Lewis was married late in life at age fifty-eight.

11)  ... when the president was 63 years old, also married twice and had children late in life.

12)  ... been approximately 76 years old in 1844. Did he sire two minor children so late in life? It is certainly possible, but one will never know.

13)  Painting offers a chance for a slow-burning career. Many painters do their best work late in life.

14)  ... never lost his spirit of philanthropy, a character trait for which he was honoured late in life. His service of fifty years with the Queen's Own Rifles was ...

15)  He started writing late in life after a 30-year career in advertising. 

16)  ... will was found valid and upheld. But, the fact it was signed so late in life -- only 6 weeks before death.

17)  We talked about adoption but it was too late in life for us... we are happily married for 28 years and at 50 ...

18)  Doctors claim many women do not fully understand the risks of having babies late in life, with the chances of having a Down's child 16 times higher ...

19)  ... is that I just didn't find the right man to settle down with until late in life. I met my husband when I was almost 36.

20)  Like many couples we met late in life. He was 44, and my eggs were past their sell-by date.