to laugh it off

Idiom Definition

"to laugh it off"

to reduce the apparent importance of something so that it doesn't affect you as much - usually by joking about the situation

Idiom Definition - to laugh it off


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to laugh it off

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Why do you look so sad?

Friend 2:  The boss was really mean to me today in the staff meeting.

Friend 1:  What happened?

Friend 2:  I presented some of my best work and the boss said that it was terrible - in front of everyone.

Friend 1:  Everyone knows that you are really good at your job.  The boss was just in a bad mood.  Laugh it off.

Friend 2:  Yes, you're right.  I'll just let it go.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to laugh it off

A husband and wife are driving down a busy freeway when another motorist cuts in front of their car and almost causes an accident ...

Wife:  Why are you laughing?  That other driver could have caused a serious accident.

Husband:  I drive this freeway ten times a week.  If I got stressed every time a minor incident happened, I would have a heart attack.

Wife:  I'm impressed the way you can just laugh off a near fatal accident.

Husband:  Thank you.

to laugh it off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   849   click for frequency by country

to laugh it off - Gerund Form:

Laughing off what appears to be a serious situation can help reduce stress.

to laugh it off - Examples:

1)  I am very disappointment he just feels he can be caught misleading Canadians and laugh it off.

2)  We laugh it off a bit, but I think there are significant downsides to this.

3)  My husband says to laugh it off, but it honestly bugs me.

4)  It was really embarrassing no doubt, but laugh it off and keep in mind things happen.

5)  The world is a ridiculous place most of the time, so just laugh it off.

6)  Instead, my wife and I allied ourselves together and were able to laugh it off; eventually, it wore itself out.

7)  Simply laugh it off as if they told a joke and move on.

8)  You know, laugh it off and add it to your blooper reel but don't lie!

9)  At my age it is impossible to avoid farting whenever, and I just laugh it off.

10)  Whenever I am hanging out with someone and they say something weird I just laugh it off.

11)  If you hiccup over the air, laugh it off and keep on moving!

12)  And I just make something up or laugh it off.

13)  We pretend that we're above caring. We often laugh it off.

14)  If he tries to laugh it off and walk away, follow him!

15)  And, if I understand you correctly, you would all merely "laugh it off" because that's the "mature" thing to do.

16)  I only joke about it because she joked about it and was able to laugh it off.

17)  I have been the butt of his jokes in the past, and I simply laugh it off or give it back to him in joking manner.

18)  It's some grouchy old guy who complained. We should all laugh it off rather than make this another left wing right wing shouting match.

19)  As I said, first instinct is to just laugh it off and not believe it.

20)  Suffice to say we have all heard their blather and while some of us laugh it off, many of us take it as more a stone to the head.