to lead up the garden path

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - lead up the garden path

"to lead up the garden path"

to deceive by giving false information in order to thwart the efforts of others


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - lead up the garden path

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What have you been working on so hard lately?

Colleague 2:  Joe in accounting told me that the company is going to implement a new cost-accounting process and that there would be a new managerial position created for the new system. I really want a chance at management.

Colleague 1:  I am sorry to tell you that you have been led up the garden path by Joe. The boss told me that he received word from his vice-president that the company is implementing a new inventory-control system.

Colleague 2:  And I have wasted all this time. Why would Joe lie to me?

Colleague 1:  Because he wants the new position.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - lead up the garden path

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Kevin sure seems to like you a lot. I notice he carries your books for you and opens doors for you and buys you lunch every day.

Friend 2:  I may have hinted to Kevin that if he showed he was really interested that I would date him.

Friend 1:  But you have no intention of dating Kevin. You don't even like Kevin. You want to date Allan. How long are you going to continue deceiving Kevin?

Friend 2:  I sure like all the attention and the free lunches are very nice. I think I will lead Kevin up the garden path a little while longer.

to lead up the garden path - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   91   click for frequency by country

to lead up the garden path - Gerund Form:

Leading your colleagues up the garden path by sending them on false assignments may improve your chances of success.

to lead up the garden path - Examples:

1)  We have been led up the garden path by nutritionists for 40 years that low or non-fat milk and dairy is healthier for ...

2)  ... stupid concept is dumped and everybody wonders why they were so badly led up the garden path by the idea in the first place.

3)  Ministers have been well and truly led up the garden path by the nuclear lobby. Our analysis of nuclear energy provides a timely reminder ...

4)  ... are again being so stupid to allow themselves to be led up the garden path, I take this liberty to opt out.

5)  You are being led up the garden path here. This is the biggest NON-STORY of all time. 

6)  ... basically because I do not know all the facts. Was Quinn led up the garden path by ...

7)  We were rightly led up the garden path by the big food cartels in cahoots with government and even the medical profession ...

8)  Since 2005 November, we have been led up the garden path by a family of crooks.

9)  ... in a crime novel, the reader has to be led up the garden path.

10)  The ordinary people can be hoodwinked and led up the garden path. However they can not deceive the educated masses. 

11)  We were led up the garden path for more than a year, given false signals ...

12)  However, it appears that the premise behind the entire show wasn't portrayed accurately, leaving fans feeling led up the garden path.

13)  Campaigners felt they had been led up the garden path by the Home Secretary after being encouraged to think there would be at least a ...

14)  We have been led up the garden path in quite a fashion and have been completely helpless.

15)  We are living in a fool's paradise, being led up the garden path by a bombastic leadership and led to believe falsely that the international ...

16)  It's the showbiz relationship nobody can get enough and we're still trying to work out if we're being led up the garden path or if it is, in fact, true ...

17)  These issues came to existence because he was "led up the garden path" by the West , which later reneged on the fulfilling of any of the ...

18)  Or have we been led up the garden path so we'll look in Alderaan places for hints about the plot of the new movie?

19)  I have now had more than enough of being led up the garden path. I am no longer prepared to accept verbal declarations from either of the two ...

20)  Were the students led up the garden path to follow a degree course, through a maze of political masquerades only to end up at base zero