to leave behind

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - leave behind

"to leave behind"

to abandon, ignore or forego someone or something


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - leave behind

"to leave behind"

to depart from somewhere often to begin a new adventure


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Idiom Definition 3

Idiom Definition - leave behind

"to leave behind"

to surpass someone or something


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Idiom Definition 4

Idiom Definition - leave behind

"to leave behind"

to have something or someone remaining after dying


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Idiom Definition 5

Idiom Definition - leave behind

"to leave behind"

to depart or disappear leaving something as a result


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - leave behind

A group of friends are shopping at a mall ...

Friend 1:   It's about time to head over to the restaurant if we want to keep our reservation.

Friend 2:  What about Anne?  She's not here and she's not answering her cell.

Friend 1:  We'll just have to leave her behind and hope she finds us at the restaurant.

Friend 3:  I don't feel comfortable abandoning Anne.

Friend 2:  We can keep trying her cell from the restaurant.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - leave behind

A couple who are travelling are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you had enough of Amsterdam?

Friend 2:  After six days of intensive sight-seeing, yes, it's time to start the next adventure.

Friend 1:  Let's catch the train to Düsseldorf then.

Friend 2:  Sounds great, although it will be hard to leave behind this amazing city.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - leave behind

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  How is your calculus class going?

Student 2:  It's going great. I'm really doing well, thank you.

Student 1:  I know you were worried that you wouldn't be number one in the class.

Student 2:  Not any more. I've been working really hard and have left all the other students far behind. I have about a ninety-seven percent average and am on Unit Seven and the next best student has a ninety average working on Unit Five.

Student 1:  Good for you!

Idiom Scenario 4

Idiom Definition - leave behind

Two friends are talking at the funeral of a third friend ...

Friend 1:  I just can't help but asking because I know Alex worked really hard and was very successful in life. How much did he leave behind?

Friend 2:  He left it all behind.

Friend 1:  I don't understand.

Friend 2:  You can't take your money with you when you die so Alex bequeathed all his money to his family.

Idiom Scenario 5

Idiom Definition - leave behind

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How is your garden doing this year?

Friend 2:  Not so good. I am pretty sure that I have a snail infestation.

Friend 1:  Are you sure? Have you seen the snails?

Friend 2:  I haven't seen any snails but I have seen the slime trail left behind by the snails.

to leave behind - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   35,377   click for frequency by country

to leave behind - Gerund Form:

Leaving your best friend behind on the trail is not very nice.

Leaving behind Paris, we departed for Munich.

Leaving your colleagues behind is an inevitable result of career advancement.

Leaving behind a considerable estate is something a parent wishes for their children.

Leaving the competition behind, he raced ahead to win the gold.

to leave behind - Examples:

1)  This technique opens doors to stay in touch with places that we leave behind when we move to the next town (for any reason).

2)  ... , that entire sector is going to fall like a house of cards and leave behind a stunning legacy of pollution. 

3)  The three things I never leave behind are my keys, wallet and phone.

4)  For example, a puny male bird with bright tail feathers might leave behind more offspring than a stronger, duller male, and a spindly plant with big ...

5)  He succeeds when he finds the ability to leave behind his fatalistic passivity and adapt to the demands of the forest.

6)  ... all of the people I have missed but it is going to be hard leaving behind everything I have made a part of my life here in Mendoza.

7)  The alcohol evaporates once you apply it, leaving behind a sticky resin.

8)  The second issue was that this decision meant leaving behind the policies of hegemony and instead guaranteeing that even the smallest member countries would enjoy ...

9)  The attackers fled, leaving behind two semiautomatic rifles.

10)  ... , co-founder of Apple, has passed away at the age of 56, leaving behind a larger-than-life legacy which no obituary could possibly capture.

11)  I find myself mesmerized by what it leaves behind, the traces of its touch. 

12)  While the deceased can not be hurt by slander, the family he leaves behind can be.

13)  He leaves behind his wife, Janet, his 1-year-old daughter, Kyra, and 3-year-old son, ...

14)  The bigger the bulge, the bigger the gap it leaves behind. After a while, the organ responds. It moves to close the gap ...

15)  Beyond all, his greatest love, is the love he leaves behind, his wife Mary, who for 65 years stood by his side, enjoying ...

16)  When the settlement was eventually abandoned, dogs were left behind.

17)  Small businesses tend to get left behind in the spend-a-thon. However, the Internet has proven to be quite the Goliath ...

18)  ... the A.D.M.S. lay the responsibility of seeing that in this retirement no wounded were left behind in his section to fall into the hands of the enemy.

19)  He denied knowing anything about the missing iPad and said any items left behind at security checkpoints are taken to lost and found.

20)  The feet of two ancient sandstone statues were left behind by looters at a temple in Koh Ker, Cambodia.