to leave out

Idiom Definition

"to leave out"

to omit or exclude something or someone

Idiom Definition - to leave out


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to leave out

A teacher is giving an assignment to her students ...

Teacher: Please complete all the questions for Unit 9 except question 3.

Student: Do you mean that we can leave out question 3?

Teacher: Yes. You do not have to answer question 3.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to leave out

Two coworkers are discussing a report they are working on ...

Coworker 1: Do you think we should include the section on the logistical details?

Coworker 2: I think that section is not relevant to the marketing plan.

Coworker 1: So, we should leave that section out?

Coworker 2: Yes. Let's exclude the logistical details from this report.

Coworker 1: OK.

to leave out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,251   click for frequency by country

to leave out - Gerund Form:

Leaving out critical information on a financial report can be a criminal offence.

to leave out - Examples:

1)  Halfon's identification of integrity and moral integrity appears to leave out important personal aspects of integrity.

2)  It is a step you do not want to leave out!

3)  In discussing ZIP, it is interesting to me that people always seem to leave out comments specific to the markets where ZIP is actually trying to grow and compete.

4)  And clearly I wouldn't be doing this blog justice if I were to leave out this particular kick to the teeth.

5)  I have chosen to leave out much of the detail from this report and move directly to the points of interest.

6)  With little projects like this, it's okay to leave out some details in the greater service of Having The Most Fun.

7)  With such a dialogue heavy book, it was SO ANNOYING to leave out such a basic part of punctuation.

8)  The movie was telling a story, and to leave out pertinent realities would make it unreal.

9)  But discussions on both sides of voter ID laws tend to leave out transgender citizens in discussions about who would be most adversely impacted.

10)  My middle name is what it is. So why should I be required to leave out Obama's middle name when I refer to him?

11)  Be as detailed as possible, and try not to leave out small purchases.

12)  You can die of a heart attack for any reason.... this article chose to leave out that reason.

13)  The president manages to leave out his own proposal for Medicare.

14)  I want the instructions to make sense, and I don't want them to leave out any steps.

15)  Perhaps she might have chosen to leave out anything which might embarrass herself.

16)  Don't think it would be wise to leave out protein.

17)  You seem to leave out several other sub-categories of the NoSQL movement in your discussion.

18)  I am grateful for the tips and reminders and will make sure to leave out the H the next time I say "vehicle".

19)  Do historians make value judgments in deciding what to include and what to leave out?

20)  How do I know which extra-curriculars to include in the essays and what to leave out?