(to be) left in the dark

Idiom Definition

"to be left in the dark"

to not be informed of something usually because of carelessness (usually without harmful intent)

Idiom Definition - to be left in the dark


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be left in the dark

The company where Bradley works has been planning some changes for about a month. Bradley's boss has been working on a plan for his department. Bradley has just learned of the upcoming changes from a coworker. Bradley goes to talk to his boss ...

Bradley:  Hey Boss.  I hear that there are going to be some changes?

The Boss:  Yes, indeed.  We have been working on the plan for about a month now.

Bradley:  I only just heard the news.

The Boss:  I didn't think you needed to know.  The changes are not really going to effect you.

Bradley:  Still, I don't like to be left in the dark

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be left in the dark

Jane and all her friends are planning to go skiing for the weekend. Linda has just telephoned Jane on Thursday night ...

Linda:  Hello, Jane.  Any plans for the weekend?

Jane:  Well, sure, Linda.  We're all going skiing this weekend.

Linda: Really?  That's news to me.

Jane:  Oh, I'm sorry Linda.  I suppose that everyone thought that someone had called to tell you.  It was not intentional to leave you out.  I do hope that you will come.

Linda:  I can tell you that it doesn't feel good to be left in the dark, intentional or not.

to be left in the dark - Usage:


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to be left in the dark - Gerund Form:

Being left in the dark can sometimes just be a careless error.

to be left in the dark - Examples:

1)  I am left in the dark when, for whatever reason, I am not informed of an important event.

2)  You are left in the dark to protect you from bad news that you really do not need to hear.

3)  He is left in the dark when his wife is too busy to talk to him.

4)  She is left in the dark when there just is not any information.

5)  We are left in the dark as to the content of the upcoming quiz.

6)  You (all) are left in the dark if your security clearance is not high enough.

7)  They are left in the dark when everyone forgets to tell them.

8)  He has been left in the dark on many occasions when nobody could be bothered to share information.

9)  Was she being left in the dark all last week until the boss informed her?

10)  Is he going to be left in the dark next week when his friends plan his surprise party?

11) Nova Scotians will again be left in the dark as to what we can expect from our next government. 

12)  Without these means I am afraid a majority of us would be left in the dark about important social issues.

13) They will likely be left in the dark about their safety risks. 

14)  When left in the dark, their imaginations will often jump to far worse conclusions.

15) Two key House members with a need to know -- were left in the dark by Cantor 

16)  I expect people to have difficulty remaining polite about being left in the dark about who is in charge of this organization.

17)  Devotees should be made aware and not left in the dark. Transparency is needed here.

18)  We Windows Phone users are sitting here, left in the dark, with no known date of when we should expect an update.

19) To be left in the dark as to its reasons is unjust. 

20)  I worry that you are being ignored and left in the dark.