legal eagle

Idiom Definition

"legal eagle"

a lawyer or attorney who is very smart, skilled and extremely good at their job

Idiom Definition - legal eagle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - legal eagle

Two law students are talking ...

Student 1: Why are you always studying so hard?

Student 2: Because I don't just want to be a lawyer, I want to be an extremely good lawyer.

Student 1: Oh, I see. You want to be a legal eagle.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - legal eagle

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Oh my God! What happened?

Friend 2: I had a car accident. My brakes failed and I drove into a crowd of people.

Friend 1: You could be in a whole lot of trouble. All the people you hit are going to sue you. This is very serious. Are you sure it was faulty brakes on the car?

Friend 2: Absolutely. I'm a really good driver.

Friend 1: Then you'd better get the best legal eagle you can find.

legal eagle - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   126   click for frequency by country

legal eagle - Gerund Form:

Being a legal eagle means that the people you defend will get the very best representation.

legal eagle - Examples:

1)  While trustees, we're sure, have been told by some legal eagle that they'd better keep their opinions to themselves as it could involve personnel issues.

2)  It is illegal to force someone to retire at 65 now (any legal eagle can correct me if I have that wrong).

3)  According to reports, Microsoft's top legal eagle Brad Smith claimed it had gone beyond complying with the 2004 decision.

4)  Asia's a massive market worth a lot of money, but it requires every legal eagle to take a lead.

5)  Ask the Liberal Democrats for one from Miriam Gonzalaz Durantez (Nick Clegg's legal eagle wife).

6)  Lancashire-educated legal eagle Bruce Sewell joined Apple from Intel in 2009.

7)  This article has kindly been produced by our own legal eagle Solicitor Howard Cornes.

8)  If you want to sue, LOCOG's general legal eagle, learnt her trade at that august institution.

9)  He writes a series of legal thrillers for children about a pre-pubescent legal eagle.

10)  We could do with a good legal eagle to draft some thing up.

11)  She loves her first legal eagle job at a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

12)  I handed over the eight hundred grand in cash, and had the local legal eagle notarize the transaction.

13)  I am not a legal eagle but I think I know the answer there.

14)  Family law is a locality of law that edges from a specialist legal eagle.

15)  Really, perhaps Ms. Hutchinson legal eagle would like to explain how this is legal.

16)  But the legal eagle expressed surprise that his client was even taken into custody in the first place.

17)  I respect your opinion on this matter. You're the working legal eagle.... I'm just an old retired street cop.

18)  Some legal eagle needs to file suit on this one.

19)  I didn't want anyone to get in trouble in the event any of my legal eagle friends at Adobe felt I shouldn't have posted it.

20)  Do you want to get a really good job as a legal eagle?