to lend an ear

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - lend an ear

"to lend an ear"

to listen to someone, often sympathetically


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - lend an ear

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: No way! The idea is just too radical. It makes no sense and I don't really understand it.

Colleague 2: Just lend Alice an ear for five minutes and listen to what she has to say. If you still don't agree, then we will drop the whole thing.

Colleague 1: OK. I'll listen for five minutes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - lend an ear

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How is your volunteer experience going? What are you doing, exactly?

Friend 2: I am part of a team which monitors atelephone hot-line where people can just phone and talk about anything they want. Often it is lonely people without anyone to talk to and they are just looking for a sympathetic listener.

Friend 1: So you lend an ear to whoever calls?

Friend 2: Exactly. Sometimes, when we can, we will refer the caller to other services.

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to lend an ear - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   165   click for frequency by country

to lend an ear - Gerund Form:

Lending an ear, my friends listened to my idea attentively.

to lend an ear - Examples:

1)  ... to ensure that you have a support system around you. Someone to lend an ear; a shoulder to cry on; a constant presence ...

2)  I'm not talking in the monetary sense. It costs nothing to lend an ear, give a hand or supply a shoulder.

3)  Your caseworker is always there to lend an ear and give you advice on how to combat those nerves.

4)  They don't cost anything and don't judge, they just lend an ear, some advise, a shoulder to cry on, they are wonderful girls.

5)  ... of guts for them to come to you with the problem, so lend an ear and be sympathetic and supportive. Never underestimate the good a genuine hug can do ...

6)  ... also lots of gorgeous mums who will be happy to support you, lend an ear, and help you work through choices with all the issues that arise with babies.

7)  ... as the New York Times reports, when these children want someone to lend an ear, they are often given pills instead.

8)  Podcasts. Lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature -- right outside your back door and halfway around ...

9)  ... ones who help house our program, are always there for you to lend an ear and act as a sounding board on all matters, including familial and financial, ...

10)  ... church on Wednesdays, when church staff and volunteers are on hand to lend an ear to people in trouble. 

11)  We especially enjoy the album's opening track Losing Composure, so lend an ear to the song below!

12)  ... we need leaders that aren't afraid to stand down or lend an ear

13)  ... but he's really just a humble guy ready to lend an ear.

14)  ... especially his dedication to teaching the Mayan calendar to anyone who would lend an ear

15)  They attack and find fault with the people of goodness because they lend an ear to those who find fault with them and believe them.

16)  The picture of apathy and impatience displayed here, which refused to lend an ear to undeserved misery, contrasted sadly with the scenes of misery in ...

17)  I am going everywhere to lend these children an ear and also create awareness about what's going on.

18)  ... it can make depression and stress more likely to occur. Friends can lend an ear, and give you a chance to vent what you're upset about.

19)  If you love listening you will learn, if you lend an ear, wisdom will be yours. 

20)  Why did you sin? Why did you lend an ear to the temptings of fiends? Why did you turn aside from your pious practices ...