to let off steam

Idiom Definition

"to let off steam"

to take pleasure or celebrate or play often to relieve tension after a period of high stress or heavy work or just to release energy or emotion

Idiom Definition - to let off steam


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to let off steam

Two friends are chatting at a dance club ...

Friend 1:   Look at Nancy go. She's dancing and dancing.

Friend 2:  She really had a really difficult week at work.

Friend 1:  I guess we can't blame her for letting off a little steam then.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to let off steam

A family with two little children has been driving for hours ...

Father:  The kids are starting to fight.

Mother:  They've been cooped up in the back for hours.

Father:  There's a rest stop with a playground coming up.

Mother:  Let's stop and let the kids let off some steam.

to let off steam - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   547   click for frequency by country

to let off steam - Gerund Form:

Blowing off some steam can be a welcome relief from working so hard.

to let off steam - Examples:

1)  Everyone needs to let off steam now an again. 

2)  Love it or hate it, we all need to let off steam on Fridays.

3)  Sports began on American college campuses as a way for students to let off steam and be healthy.

4)  The boys let off steam and blow up fireworks.

5)  She goes to the firing range when she needs to let off steam

6)  Recess, many argue, is a key way to let off steam and re-focus kids when they come inside.

7)  If you have little ones in tow, let them let off steam at the Creative Discovery Museum.

8)  You have every right to let off steam, vent or cyber yell in any way you want.

9)  You go for a jog to let off steam.

10)  Bonus beers, bonus prizes, email hints- definitely an engaging way to let off steam with friends. 

11)  I am good with that, photography is how I let off steam, it is my release, and it is my entertainment.

12)  Blowing off steam is often not an option if you are struggling with a healing process.

13)  The music we play is such an outlet for letting off steam.

14)  I'm not really certain she is just letting off steam.

15)  We soon find out however, that, while letting off steam does make us feel better, it rarely solves the problem.

16)  The lad was just letting off steam in the heat of the moment.

17)  I have no problem with anyone letting off steam in a non-harmful way.

18)  Just letting off steam at the end of a long day.

19)  Sometimes this is just innocent letting off steam, like throwing eggs at houses and TPing trees.

20)  There is nothing more therapeutic than putting on her boxing gloves and letting off steam.