to let sleeping dogs lie

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - let sleeping dogs lie

"to let sleeping dogs lie"

to allow inactive problems to remain inactive so as not to create more problems


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - let sleeping dogs lie

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I really think we should revisit the idea of rearranging the office furniture. I am sure that we could make a far more productive environment.

Colleague 2: Do you remember what happened the last time the idea was discussed? People were very opposed and it caused a lot of strife and problems. The bad feelings took months to dissipate.

Colleague 1: Still, don't we want a more productive environment?

Colleague 2: I think it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Do not revisit the idea.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - let sleeping dogs lie

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I feel really bad that Jean thinks I betrayed her. Do you think I should give her a call and try to explain that I had absolutely nothing to do with the incident?

Friend 2: Let sleeping dogs lie. Jean will get over the incident in time. Calling her now will just exacerbate the situation further.

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to let sleeping dogs lie - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   133   click for frequency by country

to let sleeping dogs lie - Gerund Form:

Letting sleeping dogs lie is often the best course of action in order to avoid creating trouble.

to let sleeping dogs lie - Examples:

1)  ... write to someone at the hosting institution telling them my concerns? Do I let sleeping dogs lie? # I once faced the same dilemma myself.

2)  ... then I'd really outline my further feelings about him but will let sleeping dogs lie, suffice to say, he was not to be trusted at all.

3)  Rather than let sleeping dogs lie, the Hollywood machine has sought to carry on the cinematic legacy with ...

4)  Target should have let sleeping dogs lie and they really have no one to blame for the lawsuit but themselves.

5)  ... only be out for money or revenge against Matt Johns success -- best to let sleeping dogs lie and give her no more attention.

6)  Let sleeping dogs lie. It's tempting to revisit controversial decisions you disagree with, but ...

7)  You might think " past is past " or " let sleeping dogs lie " - i.e. there is nothing one can/should do about any inopportune decisions.

8)  ... really is a woman who does not know when to shut up and let sleeping dogs lie! Can we please have an end now to the endless whining?

9)  ... know what situation is appropriate to say something and what situation is best to let sleeping dogs lie

10)  ... is too weak, too scared or too compromised to address it strategically. Let sleeping dogs lie is not always a foolish policy.

11)  ... interested to know whether this should be an annual release or should we just let sleeping dogs lie, for a while anyway.

12)  ... not lead to any chaotic situations, we should gloss over it and simply let sleeping dogs lie. Are we to remain mute until something dreadful happens before we tie ...

13)  offended someone who is reconciliatory and forgiving, he would accept the apology and let sleeping dogs lie.

14)  ... but you have to leave resentments at the door. If you can't let sleeping dogs lie then walk away now and let it go. 

15)  ... or accept the defaults handed to us by software companies, and let sleeping dogs lie.

16)  ... it was good while it lasted. Time that we move on. Let sleeping dogs lie!

17)  ... the act was said to have annoyed the father but he decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

18)  ... of comments goes to show that people would rather ignore these issues and let sleeping dogs lie.

19)  Let sleeping dogs lie. That way, you won't get bitten.

20)  Much as it looks alright to let sleeping dogs lie, you are better off telling him.