to let your hair down

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"to let your hair down"

to drop your reserve or inhibitions, usually in order to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people will think


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Idiom Definition - let your hair down

"to let your hair down"

to tell everything;

to tell your innermost feelings and secrets


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - let your hair down

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  A bunch of us from the office usually go out after work on Fridays for some fun. Would you like to join us?

Colleague 2:  I don't know. I am so busy with life and I should really get home.

Colleague 1:  It is important to let your hair down once in a while. Having a couple of drinks and couple of laughs is good for you. It will make you a more well-balanced person.

Colleague 2:  I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - let your hair down

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You look really stressed. Would you like to talk?

Friend 2:  I've got all these worries inside me and really need to unburden myself and I can't tell my husband about them. He would just judge me.

Friend 1:  We are best friends. If you can't let your hair down with me, then who? You know I love and accept you no matter what.

Friend 2:  OK. Thanks. Here are my deepest worries...

to let your hair down - Usage:


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to let your hair down - Gerund Form:

Letting your hair down once in a while is a great way to relieve stress.

Letting your hair down with your best friend allows you to unburden your deepest secrets.

to let your hair down - Examples:

1)  ... a hardworking, diligent marketing professional but you must have the ability to let your hair down and have a laugh with the fantastic team that surrounds you.

2)  College is the time where you can let your hair down, have some brilliant nights out, all without the responsibilities of being a ...

3)  But it's worth avoiding the temptation to completely let your hair down: behaviours you would never entertain in the home setting should be avoided in ...

4)  ... hard as you can during the week, waiting for Friday evening to let your hair down. It is what professionals do, it is how they cope.

5)  ... a place where you drop all the pretense and all your insecurities and let your hair down

6)  ... who have completed their secondary school and it's the final event to let their hair down before choosing the next path in their education.

7)  ... has become standard practice for most football clubs to allow their players to let their hair down for a Christmas get together. 

8)  As the party mood takes hold, people tend to let their hair down and enjoy a few drinks.

9)  ... but now she's feeling strong and she is desperate to let her hair down and have some fun in there!

10)  ... where she could let her hair down away from the prying eyes of the newspapers. 

11)  ... in real life, Maisie knows how to let her hair down and not take life too seriously. 

12)  She's such a regular person. I wish she could let her hair down and be a regular person. I think she enjoys those girlfriend moments.

13)  It was on these occasions when our boss let her hair down and demonstrated how downright funny she was.

14)  ... is taking it all very seriously and isn't the type to let her hair down and dance on the tables in the bar after the show.

15)  He took his work seriously, but knew when to let his hair down - on festive occasions, he would put on a Santa suit or ...

16)  ... blanket and lose his composure. It was good to see him let his hair down, per se, and let his emotions flow.

17)  Nobody is saying he can't go out and let his hair down but you have to know when and where it's appropriate.

18)  I have very minimal alcohol but let my hair down every once in a while.

19)  I want to have fun. I want to let my hair down on the weekends like everyone else and I feel like that's a basic ...

20)  The best moment was just being able to let my hair down and do things that I can't really do during the season because we ...