to lie through your teeth

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - lie through your teeth

"to lie through your teeth"

to lie outrageously, boldly or brazenly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - lie through your teeth

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  You are not even half finished the report. Why did you lie through your teeth to the boss and tell him that it was finished?

Colleague 2:  I didn't want to get into trouble.

Colleague 1:  And what happens tomorrow when the boss expects the report and it is not ready?

Colleague 2:  I will work all night and get it ready.

Colleague 1:  And even if you can finish the report by tomorrow, do you not think that the boss will recognize a rush job and know that you had been brazenly lying?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - lie through your teeth

A couple are talking ...

Girlfriend:  I thought you told me that you were too busy to see me over the weekend?

Boyfriend:  I was. I stayed home and worked all weekend.

Girlfriend:  Then why did Gina see you at the bar Saturday night?

Boyfriend:  She is lying through her teeth. I absolutely did not go out Saturday night.

Girlfriend:  Why would Gina lie like that? Maybe you are lying to me.

Boyfriend:  I have no idea why Gina would tell such an egregious lie but I can guarantee that I worked all weekend. I can even show you my work.

to lie through your teeth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   513   click for frequency by country

to lie through your teeth - Gerund Form:

Lying through his teeth to save his job, he told the boss that the report was finished when actually he had not even started it.

to lie through your teeth - Examples:

1)  The militants are lying through their teeth when they claim such radical social engineering changes will impact no one.

2)  You grow up and discover your parents were lying through their teeth about the tooth fairy; the Easter Bunny was a canard; and Santa was ...

3)  Who do we trust when we know they are lying through their teeth about the financial bubble they ALLOWED to happen.

4)  I'm going to say this can't be done without him lying through his teeth. There is no additional money ANYWHERE.

5)  ... was just dead wrong. At worst, he was lying through his teeth and he knew it.

6)  Either that, or he's making it all up, lying through his teeth and using a team of researchers coupled with a talent for cold reading to dupe ...

7)  ... at which point the developers and manufacturers can either lie through their teeth and pretend that their older devices can cope, or they can make sensible cut-off ...

8)  Doctors will lie through their teeth in order to pass the blame onto an RN.

9)  ... but can you still respect people who is down right dishonest and lie through their teeth?

10)  ... as he lied through his teeth and told a story that his last scripts had been lost in a natural disaster.

11)  ... lied through his teeth, in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary, ...

12)  When Bill Clinton was caught in a sex scandal, he lied through his teeth until they came up with the DNA.

13)  The fact their "expert witness" lied through their teeth, lied in their witness statement and got their facts wrong didn't help their ...

14)  How they lied. People, who should be trusted, lied through their teeth. Yesterday the vindication began with an apology from ...

15)  To get their commissions they lied through their teeth and told the desperate Irish they would have houses to live in, seed to ...

16)  This cheat acted as a hardened criminal and continued to lie through his teeth even during the hearings.

17)  ... or lie through your teeth and hope not to get caught... just remember a lie can always come back ...

18)  ... taught me lots of stuff, how to be cunning, how to lie through your teeth and beat any polygraph test, ...

19)  ... what's more important-owning up and admitting you were wrong, or lying through your teeth in order to save a few quid?

20)  ... where he lies through his teeth and embarrass himself and all of his disciples.