lock, stock and barrel

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Idiom Definition -

"lock, stock and barrel"

including absolutely everything


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition -

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I can't believe that management completely rejected my proposal.

Colleague 2Lock, stock and barrel?

Colleague 1:  Every bit of it!

Colleague 2:  I don't know if I agreed with all aspects of your proposal but there were definitely some good, sound, solid ideas in there.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition -

A couple are talking ...

Husband:  I've been offered an amazing opportunity in Bali.

Wife:  But that is so far away. It sounds exciting but what would we do with our house and cars and all our other possessions?

Husband:  I propose that we pack up and store a couple of boxes of mementos, back a couple of suitcases with some essential items and then sell the rest lock, stock and barrel.

Wife:  Sell everything? That sounds radical.

Husband:  So is moving to Bali.

lock, stock and barrel - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   319   click for frequency by country

lock, stock and barrel - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for lock, stock and barrel.

lock, stock and barrel - Examples:

1)  Honest to God, council was owned lock, stock and barrel by the developers.

2)  ... his father was transferred to Dungloe and the family moved lock, stock and barrel to Fairhill in Dungloe.

3)  ... may have to reject the new constitution lock, stock and barrel.

4)  ... a number of the ideologically driven nation-first bourgeoisie -- have moved lock, stock and barrel from Communism to Frontism.

5)  ... the court will have no option but to reject such claims lock, stock and barrel.

6)  ... is called the CEO and he owns the firm lock, stock and barrel, although he made it sound like the ownership stake is mostly a burden.

7)  ... nothing against them, but they left lock, stock and barrel. For a while they were drifting into homelessness. 

8)  The marketplace model is a farce. It must be replaced lock, stock and barrel with the inventory model.

9)  He effectively moved his stash lock, stock and barrel in a van to somewhere where he thought it would not be found.

10)  Maybe the only doable idea is scrapping the airline altogether -- lock, stock and barrel. Take all the losses and bury it.

11)  For financial planners, I don't mean necessarily mean copying lock, stock and barrel the approach used by market leaders such as ...

12)  ... we understand that quality companies won't move lock, stock and barrel out of the UK market unless they're forced to do so.

13)  ... and then to give it lock, stock and barrel to China on a 99 year lease to do anything she pleases with it.

14)  ... is a complete overhaul of the whole system, lock, stock and barrel.

15)  ... was forced to vacate lock, stock and barrel in one of the most shocking defeats in the hitherto progressive state.

16)  ... owners had decided to sell the whole place, "lock, stock and barrel", he said, but were also open to lease arrangements.

17)  ... that like many other things, we inherited the university system lock, stock and barrel from those who colonised us. 

18)  Apparently he wants to throw out all democratic practices lock, stock and barrel.

19)  ... and the heritage society bought the contents of the shop "lock, stock and barrel" after Sorge died a few years ago.

20)  ... local authorities have noticed it and withdrawn their support lock, stock and barrel. All such institutions have to pay millions to retain the grounds.