(to be) long-winded

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - long-winded

"(to be) long-winded"

to speak (or write) too much and for too long using too many words, often producing boredom in the listeners


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - long-winded

Two colleagues are talking during a staff meeting ...

Colleague 1:  What is the boss going on about?

Colleague 2:  I drifted off after the first ten minutes when I realized that it was going to be another long-winded pontification of the merits of her leadership. I usually get the idea afterwards from the printed notes of the meeting.

Colleague 1:  Thanks for saying that. I was getting pretty bored myself.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - long-winded

A couple are talking ...

Husband:  I know I really should have been more attentive and sympathetic to you. Work has been crazy lately and with our son starting college in the fall, I've been fretting about how to pay for it. All the construction has made the commute to work a nightmare. I know I should pay more attention to you.

Wife:  Is this your long-winded form of an apology.

Husband:  Yes. You're right. I was talking and talking. In shorter form - I'm sorry.

Wife:  Thank you.

(to be) long-winded - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,890   click for frequency by country

(to be) long-winded - Gerund Form:

Being long-winded, the professor never had many students attend lectures.

(to be) long-winded - Examples:

1)  ... wasting gazillions of taxpayers' money on yet another long-winded inquiry which won't tell us anything we don't already know.

2)  ... as you become engrossed in a good story, and it needn't be a long-winded tale; it can be snappy, a bite-sized story packed with drama, humour ...

3)  The gist of the rather long-winded verdict is that ...

4)  ... who are fond of making kilometric and long-winded decisions that take up so much of their time.

5)  All the while intricate, convoluted and long-winded inquiries are still progressing into obscure areas, according to government sources! 

6)  In a long-winded, riveting speech that seemed to be mostly unscripted, he wove tales of courtship ...

7)  ... computer and find yourself signing up to a free new service, clicking past some long-winded terms and conditions screen, ...

8)  His texts were always short, never long-winded, ...

9)  All of which is a long-winded way of saying I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you.

10)  Forget the welcoming generalities and long-winded introduction of speakers (just hand out CVs, if you wish).

11)  The Greater Peterborough Area is less cumbersome than the long-winded and repetitive " Peterborough County and the City of Peterborough.

12)  This is my long-winded way of saying that I love Jaime Lannister, I guess.

13)  He's different than teachers at school. They are often long-winded, Cao is more simple.

14)  there today to grab viewers' attention than telling a great story, not a long-winded, complicated tale involving numerous characters but rather a short, 'catchy' narrative.

15)  There are some friends who are long-winded and you sometimes wish you can shut them up.

16)  Sorry this is so long-winded and confusing, but imagine all of this going on in your life and ...

17)  All of which is a long-winded, statistic-driven way of explaining just how important this Preakness is.

18)  ... just a few stanzas, this poem seems to have managed to do what most long-winded speeches could not.

19)  The awards didn't end until after 1 a.m., because of all the long-winded thank-yous.

20)  ... shortest campaign speech I have ever heard. Flavier did not need to give a long-winded one. His record at the Department of Health spoke for itself.