to look in on (someone)

Idiom Definition

"to look in on (someone)"

to visit a person or people for a short period of time

Idiom Definition - to look in on


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to look in on

Johnny had to stay home today because he was not feeling well.  He was running a fever and did not have an appetite.  Johnny just stayed in bed all day and rested.  Johnny's mother was a little concerned with Johnny's illness so she...

looked in on him from time to time.

Johnny's mother briefly went to Johnny's room to physically look at Johnny every once in a while throughout the day.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to look in on

This morning, Linda went to Jane's house to see how Jane was doing.  Jane had just returned from a skiing trip where she had broken her leg.  Jane was not very mobile and needed some help.  Linda promised Jane that she would...

stop and look in on Jane after work.

Linda will go to Jane's house after she finishes work.  She will help Jane a little, if Jane needs any help, and then go to her own home.

to look in on (someone) - Usage:


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to look in on (someone) - Gerund Form:

Looking in on someone can be considered an act of kindness.

to look in on (someone) - Examples:

1)  I look in on my sick mother every day.

2)  You look in on your friend when you feel it is necessary.

3)  He looks in on his depressed friend when he is concerned.

4)  She looks in on her daughter when it is too quiet in her room.

5)  We look in on our patients every thirty minutes.

6)  You (all) look in on your critical care patients every fifteen minutes.

7)  They look in on their elderly single fathers to ensure that their fathers have eaten.

8)  We talk to and look in on about 20-40 homeless every week.

9)  Now, if you will excuse me, I must look in on father.

10)  I went to check on a calf that one of his workmates asked him to look in on as it seemed to have a oozy eye.

11)  I look in on Mr Benson at the start of my shift.

12)  It's lovely to hear your updates and very kind of you to look in on us.

13)  I must work alone. You must promise that no one will look in on me as I'm weaving.

14)  Tsuru asked that we not look in on her while she's working, so we haven't.

15)  I promise to look in on your brother when I visit Lucknow next.

16)  When Carl looked in on him, Lowell was staring at the ceiling with the covers pulled up.

17)  I was alone again after that. Rachel looked in on me, even when she didn't have medicine to deliver.

18)  In the morning, he looked in on her and thought she was asleep.

19)  Mr Delorm went on to say that he had looked in on the couple regularly.

20)  A few hours later the officer looked in on his prisoner.