to look into

Idiom Definition

"to look into"

to investigate something more thoroughly

Idiom Definition - to look into


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to look into

Two businessmen are talking about a recent drop in production ...

Businessman 1:  Have you seen the latest production figures?

Businessman 2:  Yes.  Why are the numbers down?

Businessman 1:  I'm not sure.  I think there has been some supplier issues.

Businessman 2:  You'd better look into that.

Businessman 1:  Absolutely.  I will investigate the problem right away.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to look into

A husband and wife are talking ...

Wife:  I'm tired of always having to take the car into the garage.  It's getting so old. 

Husband:  And?

Wife:  There is a sale on new cars right now.

Husband:  OK.  Let me look into our finances and see if we can afford a new car.

Wife.  Thank you.

to look into - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   38,531   click for frequency by country

to look into - Gerund Form:

Looking into a situation can bring information that was not known.

to look into - Examples:

1)  I've decided to look into the possibility of putting some kind of an event together.

2)  This is a great way to look into this history of the Civil Rights Movement.

3)  A good place to look into this is your local churches, which can sometimes provide a wealth of information.

4)  An option that is there for people going into college is to look into a four year school.

5)  I'm not quite sure how he did it, but I am going to look into it.

6)  I definitely need to look into how to make it easier!

7)  It is worth (a student's) while to look into individual tuition waivers.

8)  I strongly encourage you to look into the Affordable Care Act on your own time.

9)  I'm assuming that before writing this diary you took time to look into the other side of the story on these claims.

10)  He asked me to look into it to see about helping this guy.

11)  Seems like an excellent time to look into this.

12)  The company's board later hired a private investigator in a retroactive attempt to look into various rumors.

13)  I have to look into what happens to that if I drop ACS.

14)  How's about writing to them and ask them to look into Kiyosaki?

15)  I've just recently decided to look into the business side of publishing now that I want an agent.

16)  It's usually a good idea to look into knowing how to get into a locked space even if there are no keys.

17)  You may need to look into other industries.

18)  The supreme court refuses to look into his citizenship.

19)  The CIA needs to look into her motivation for targeting top military officials.

20)  I would advice parents and students to look into each college individually and find out which of these " money savers " actually are.